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Introduction.E mails had to be sent over 11 months to finally over two dozen people in the city,including the mayor,city admin.,commissioners,city clerk,code enfor.,law enfor.,etc.,at least twice a week,with an already instated Injunction, to try and stop this situation,which suddenly stopped with no explanation given from anyone.Let's hope it is really finally over.
When the website, was put up, there was just too much information to be put up all at once.So,with each current situation, past situations were added, to finally get the big job done in parts.Thus,information necessary for the website is integrated in the emails.This needs to be reorganized,edited and more information added, so it remains as a link to the website until it is finished.The website will always have to be up for referral,protection, and prevention.Click end, bottom right, 'older posts' to proceed as it continues to the most recent,in somewhat chronological order from Jan.2008.This format is being used for referral,not as a vehicle for commentary.Thank you.
2-09.There is still an unnerving mindset.This blogspot is also for quicker referral and for further protection if there are any more incidents here or elsewhere.Continually emailing and mailing legal documents for assistance is/was a lot of work.
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 Lori Watras, Lori Starr, John Watras, Mel Starr are The S/Ws   The Starr/Watras s(plural)
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 All final editing done on the Blog.If it weren't for the wide audience emailing started in the beginning of the ninth year of all this, the only thing that worked,works.....................The situation remains unresolved.Please be reminded, trying to lie about, vilify,blame,or slander this residency to try to cover up the mess law enforcement and the City made out of this, won't be tolerated and won't work.This residency had and will have will its own history and will not be permanently  and negatively defined by the S/Ws cop years by people trying to clear themselves. LHP will be defined this way. is not up yet.It is in
Note:This is just the first 5 and a half years of tapes as they were submitted for Court.Audio Files - | Neighbor note: The MP3 audio files below contain obscene and disturbing content. If this type of ... police.lori backyard,fence,bangs fence,yells,lies; typical family fight Note:This is just the first 5and1/2 years of tapes as were submitted for Court.Note:This is just the first 5 and a half years of tapes as they were submitted for Court.

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Website is now incomplete with only approx.five years of audio and only approx. one and one half years of written explanation.This,below,will be added as a link. See audio 6-14-04
January 2008. Exterior lots are responsible for interior fences.I had refused to replace the interior fence,48 ft.,between the two backyards as Lori Watras had beat on the fence with a bat,pole,stick,etc.,for over 5 yrs.,any time of the day or night, with all or some of the family members home, with police protection, and I/we/anyone just didn't want to hear it anymore.The Starrs/Watrases had also used the fence,a 6 ft. shadowbx fence,we did not have direct visibility,as a barrier to stand behind to scream,threaten,harass,taunt,etc.for over 5 yrs,for hrs.,with police protection,and I/we/anyone didn't want to hear that anymore either.This fence is only 8 ft. off the pool,which made harassment easy for them and made it unbearable for us or anyone in the backyard,pool,or grill area.
The City's solution was to have Code Enforcement,whom the Starrs/Watrases called continually to report that the fence was not up even though they were the reason it wasn't, diligently come after us,and to lien us $18,000.00,even though we had finally put a fence up,working with the bldg.dept.and one commissioner,a 4 ft. high fence with 4 ins.between the single slats decided upon as being the most stalkerproof,as there would be direct visiblity if the Starrs/Watrases came right up to it to harass.They had been staying back from that property line for some time since the fence was gone as they could be seen too easily with the barrier gone, and their harassment at that fence had been for lengthy periods of time.The slats were wood and what to do about them sporadically banging on them in spurts was a questionable issue,as wood or metal is required.I had put up the standard orange construction plastic fencing,which they could not bang on,betwee n the two garages to try to stop them from trespassing, stalking ,and harassing,and had replaced that with a green plastic wire mesh fencing,this area not requiring a standard fence.
The city's solution of liening us $18,000.00,considering all the horrific past circumstances,was very upsetting and unfair.We were told that were could attend the code enforcement meeting that night and appeal it and they would have their response in about a month This was too long to have this hanging over our heads after all the horrible things that had transpired,and I called the City Administrator,with whom I had addressed this issue with before,to intervene. I think that this day was the only time I had talked to anyone connected with this situation that angered and I was very upset,which was still a strategic mistake used against me.We attended the code enfor. meeting that evening,as did the city administrator,and the lien was mitigated at that meeting instead of waiting a month.Code Enfor.said they were giving us a deal by only fining us $500.00.As soon as I asked if that could be mitigated, I was promply told to leave by Comm munity Liasion Dept.Ofc.Laura Tyler, and I never got an answer.The fine was paid.The following are emails sent to the Mayor,City Administrator,Commission President,Commissioners,and most to Code Enfor. regarding the fence issue and the entire situation in general.The events and contents discussed in them need to be recorded and documented for future explanations,protection,and referrals,so these,also sent to other recipients,right now,are being used as a diary/history of these events until they can be recorded into a more chronological format.

(#1 ) General Introduction
I am sure you are aware of this situation, 2830 N.E. 35 Ct.,Starrs/Watrases and the city's involvement, by now. However, I am not sure if you got all of the correct infor. as coverups were constantly used as technique. See developing website for infor. 6-14-04 is typical. It is not finished. Approx. 1/2 the infor. is up. The following are emails sent in the last few mons.profiling the situation. Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave.954-943-4386 Civil Case No. 01-011629(04)Carney.Commiss ioner Mike Long should definitely be commended for extending himself beyond and above what is expected as a Commissioner, trying to help residents and the direction of the City.
Note:6-14-04. Starrs/Watrases' typical family fight, inside,outside,and backyard. Lori back and forth to fence, at me/us. Interior 6 ft. shadowbox fence between backyards. I./we did not have direct visibility.

(#2) 1-12-08.The Police Dept should stop informing or even trying to imply to City Officials that there has been or is any proper Police assistance regarding the situation at 2830 N.E. 35th Ct. It has taken a lot of time and expense to try and stop stalkers/harassers and salaried Police Officers who protected and assisted them. Case No. 01-011629(04)Carney was an added and expensive burden and unnecessary if anything had been done right.There is no effective cover-up for this situation. Although Chief Ro ss Licata may have been initially deceived regarding this situation, that did not lessen the burden on the victims. Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. Lighthouse Point, Fl .954-943-4386. Developing website was put up for further protection and to stop the misinformation. It is not finished, has the infor.,but it is enough for now. 6-14-04 is typical. Use your browser.This website may be emailed using the above link. Thank you, Gail

(#3) 1-28-08. Mayor F.Schorr, Perhaps you should be paying a little more attention to what actually goes on in your city. Nothng was done about the Police protecting and assisting stalkers and harassers. Nothing was done about the stalkers and harassers, still a problem for the victims. Nothing was done for the victims regarding the strain and expense, except an insulting assessment by Atty.E.Bruce Johnson.You may have been initially misinformed.That does not seem as it could still be the case . Re:Starrs/Watrases 2830 N .E. 35 Ct . Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386 Case no. 01-011629(04)Carney See developing website for details. It was put it up for further protection and to stop the misinformation It is not finished. Approx.1/2 the infor up.6-14-04 is typical. Use this link or your address bar.Thank you, Gail. Add 6 ft. shadowbox fence between interior backyards. I/we did not have direct visibiliy.

(#4) 1-30-08.Toni Palmieri, Clerk. Please direct memo. Thank you.Acting -Chairman: Mr. Allan Burrows:
Please advise on procedure for request for reimbursement. Obviously, the sitting Code Board has no idea what Code Enf.and the police do and did in this situation. It just appears that we just didn't want to put up a fence, mow the lawn, or take down a palm tree, no problem if everything had been normal, which it wasn't This is insulting considering what we had to go through in time and expense to try and stop the Starrs/ Watrases and their protection, in general, let alone to even try and do those things. Thank you, Gail
1-26-08Attention: Toni Palmieri, Clerk- City of Lighthouse Point Code Enforcement Board:Please direct memo. Thank you.City of Lighthouse Point, Fl. Code Enforcement Board:Acting-Chairman Mr. Allan Burrows: Re: Case No. 07-0738
The $500.00 fine will be paid.-to stop runaway liens on a runaway situation. However, there will be a formal request for reimbursement. Code Enforcement was acutely aware of he difficulties regarding the fence and property line for years including mowing the lawn between the properties and should have informed the Code Board before they did their "work".-atty.'s fees,etc.,- This is not a situation of separate issues. It is all the same thing . Police protect and assist the Starrs /Watrases' harassment and stalking, and victims pay to straighten it out. This is not just a $500.00 fine . It is another $500.00 paid by victims for the same problem after over $30,000.00 paid out over the same thing, including a court ordered injunction a and a website to stop the lyi ng and for personal protection.
May I remind you of the property line fiasco between the two garages extending north to N.E. 35th Ct.- 06 -I did complain to Chief Licata that this was not just a matter of trespassing. This was where the Starrs/Watrases stood, and trespassed, and screamed us shut for over 5 yrs. and they were still doing it even with a court ordered injunction to stop, just at a lesser rate .The Starrs/Watrases called the police at least 3 times involving at least 4 patrol cars and 4 Ofs., paid for by taxpayers, when I tried to put up a fence between the garages, with a permit and even though I was in constant contact with Code Enf. informing them of every move. The situation was dismisssed by police as "property line not yet defined" -Ofc. Switaj-06- even though a survey is required for the permit .The property line was then "defined' by Code Enf. when it was time to pay for the removal of a palm tree, not to keep trespassers off the same place. Code Enfor. works directly with the police.
There is a central sort of dumbness in the way this whole thing and the victims were handled, especially with such obvious deliberate malice, and a juvenile arrogance as if nothing would ever come of it,as if if taxpayers would just indefinitely pay for salaried police to protect and assist stalkers and harassers and the victims would just indefinitely pay to stop it.. There is also a complete disregard for the victims and the constant attention the victims must give to this problem and the expenses.Thank you,Gail Pfistner/ Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28th Ave. Lighthouse Point 954-943-4386 See developing website for further infor. It was put up for further protection and to stop the misinformation. It is not finished, about one-half the infor. is up but it is enough for now.6-14-04 is typical.Use your browser or this link to the website.Thank you, Gail. Case no. 01-011629(04)Carney
See website for lawnmowimg situation.-strip of land between garages north to 35th Ct. The Starrs/Watrasses screamed at us and harassed us, coming out of the house whenever they heard the lawnmower and called the police on us. We just gave up trying to mow it so they called Code Enfor. to cite us for not mowing it, which Code Enfor.did. Both the police and Code Enfor. responded to the Starrs. This, while they trespassed, screamed at us,and threatened us whenever they wanted to on that same strip of property.This, while they were screaming at us, theatening us, banging on the fence, etc. in the backyard whenever they wanted to. We did not get help from the police. The police and Code Enfor. work together. Initially, Det. Hawkins was both. The mowing thing was -get harassed or get cited by Code Enfor. This was standard policy for years. Obviously, we're still doing damage control and are expected to pay.-for a situation we did not create and could not stop.

(#5) 2-03-08I would appreciate a reply as this behavior has started up again after a short decline, the way it always does. It's always a slippery slope. It's definitely and deliberatly meant to harass. Lori comes out, turns it on and goes back in. Afternoons, weekends, when it's time to be in the backyard or by the pool.
2-01-08.Toni Palmiei, Clerk-Lighthouse Point Code Enf.: Please direct memo. Thank you. Attention: Mr. Allan Burrows : Acting- Chairman, Lighthouse Point Code Board
What actually constitutes a noise violation/code violation in Lighthouse Point? For years, the Starrs/ Watrases' horrific family fights were audible on three streets and in the park across the street. For years, the S/W's horrific threatening attacks against us and the banging on the fence were audible on three streets and across the street in the park. For years the S/W's technique of using radio stations on static, tapes of bongo drums, tapes of dripping sound s, combination of tapes, etc.,full blast, left on on the backyard for hours the same tape over and over,for harassment purposes, was audible on three streets and in the park across the street.Was this a noise/code violation?
Initially, after a horrible screaming and banging on the fence attack, Det. Hawkins issued the S/W a noise violation warning . (?) But nothing came of it and they continued for over 5 years.They would also come out and threaten and scream along with the tapes, sometimes with 2 tapes running and them. The fence is only 8 ft. off the pool This was unlivible with them behind the fence for hrs. at a time.There was no protection.It was louder and longer and worse when the police showed up as this behavior was sanctioned and protected and was standard Police Policy.Old neighbors just stopped calling the police.New neighbors naively called in and soon learned, no help Det. Hawkins actually got the Ofc.of the Year Award during one of worst years.
The bongo tapes sessions were paticularly horrific. Lori Watas loudly blasted the same redundant bongo beat tapes for hours from the backyard, this with one or more of the Starrs/Watrases also home in the house, came into the backyard to beat the bongos along with the tapes,and also screamd and chanted she was coming after me/us along with tapes and her beating the bongos.For months.She also taped the whole thing to leave in and p lay in the backyard so she did not have to be out there with it.This was audible on three streets and into the park across the street.No help See website, , audio, -The bongo tapes.1-26-03,2-03 Was any of the above a Code violation? We could have used any kind of help even if it was just from Code Enfor.
After one really bad session with the tapes and Lori coming out into the backyard to beat on the bongos and threaten me/us,(addition:see audio web for long, intense,theatrical verbal abuse) the Starrs/Watrases called 911,the Fire Dept. twice and Det. Larry Hawkins showed up with the Fire truck, twice.Something about a cat possibly in a tree,the tree of course the one up to the fence.When I called the Fire Dept to inquire about the two visits,the person I spok e to wanted to know why so many people were calling in This was later officially written up as one visit-cat not found in tree. (?)
It should be noted the Starrs/Watrases did not act up in front of the firemen on those visits. They had at other times.There had been an excessive amount of ambulence calling which then required a firetruck and a police car. The neighbors complained about who was paying for it. The Starrs/Watrases had acted up in front of all three. Particularly annoying was when they screamed amd shouted that all their problems were our fault in front of them.-An ineffective way to try to g t any ki nd of a report to try to take the blame off them and blame us for their behavior.One national holiday, Lori called an ambulence,they didn't take anyone,and Lori screamed in the backyard so the neighbors had to hear her,after they left, that,she had to call an ambulence on a holiday (04-11-04-check website),because her brother was upset because I had taped her/them screaming at me/us.Unbelievable, but true.
The Starrs/ Watrases were very vocal about the fact that they should be able to scream at us all day, beat on fence, etc.,etc.with no evidence,for ex.,tapes.This was my only protecton as there was no recourse in the City.It's legal and was being used as evidence in the Civil case The Starrs/Watrases did not want the evidence.This is just a further explantion of the Starrs/Watrass' excessive behavioral pattern to get what they wanted, accepted by the city.See website for details on the their outrageous demands to stalk and harass and be protected which they got.
Back to noise violation question - For the past holiday, 07-08,season, the Starrs/Watrases left the same tape on in their backyard, for hours, deliberately as harassment,only one-fifth as loud as it used to be and no activity at the fence as there was no fence. Same annoying tape, hrs.,when we were trying to use the yard, different volumes,approx. two months.Lori Watras would come outside to keep turning it on to replay it. Is this a code violation? This is del ibeate annoyance. They are not out in the yard with it They couldn't take it for hrs.either
My last attempt asking Code Enfor. this was the second week in Jan. 08. No reply. Can I have reply? I can email a shorter version of this request. Thank you, Gail Pfistner /Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#6) 2-13-08.Mayor F. Schorr, City update-typical. The victims are writing out another check.
Nothing was done about the Starrs/ Watrases before they came after us and everthing was done to help them when they decided to come after us.This is over a decade in length, an indelible, integral part of Lighthouse Point history.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#7) 2-07-08. Toni Palmieri, Clerk,Code Enforcement: Please direct memo.Thankyou.Attention: Acting-Chairman, Allan Burrows, Lighthouse Point Code Board
I have had no reply on the code violation question or the request for reimbursement question. Appearances before the Code Board on mitigating the $500.00 fine may be a problem as I was escorted out last time by Ofc. Laura Tyler, Community Liaison, who told me I didn't belong there. If the Code Board, Code Enfor.,or anyone was somewhat worried about someone going off complaining about bad police work, there shouldn't be a police officer there who actively paricipated in it.
After over 5 yrs. of an unbelievably horrific situation, one Commissioner gave the tapes, now on the website, to the police. Which they already had. Chief Licata called me and tried to reassure me. I told him I was tired of being harassed and tired of the Starrs/ Watrases' harassment nuisance police calls while they were harassing us, and I complained about the police policy of doing this.There was already unbelievalby horrific retaliation by the Starrs/Watrases. See audio, website, 5/11/05-5/29/05. Memorial weekend. Lori Watras continued, see note below, at her worst with all or some of the rest home most of the time,at the fence for hrs. audible over the pumping A.C.unit and pool pump threatening, taunting, talking to us and about us, lying and making false accusations, etc. the typical horro r show.We couldn't sit in the backyard or use the pool, let alone actuall y have company. There was a loud bang in the front. But there was always banging. This was a little louder. Both Andy and I heard it from our backyard. And the police did show up. Three patrol cars.But not to protect us.Lori had called to say I banged on her garage door. (?) Ofc. Laura Tyler came to our house to question about the garage door banging.I did complain that we were being really harassed No help.The police left and the Starrs/ Watrases continued the harassmen.t Standard police policy handling the S/Ws. Another Commissioner had to go to Chief Licata with the tapes again to try and get help.
I have really complained about Community Liaison where this problem originated and this police policy was developed and enforced, long before this code meeting took place. Ofc. Laura Tyler's presence at the code meeting may be described as a coincidene.But it does show that there is no police help from stalkers and harassers, but there is immediate police help to escort someone out who complains about them, police, on record.
I do not believe that I was that out of line at the code meeeting. I do believe that there was an attempt to make sure I did not say too much on record about what happened. The whole situation is insulting including having to really complain to get one day to actually work on the fence and to get help with the fines. And all of this could have been avoided without that police policy.
If there is to be a code hearing on mitigiting the $500.00, could you possibly find an Ofc. who hasn't directly participated in the problem, not one trying to cover it up, covering up at this point, being ineffective and not possible?
Most of the people who helped the Starrs/Watrases keep up with this behavior couldn't put up with it themselves for probably more than two weeks. And that's not including paying to try and stop it while it's going on. Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E 28 Ave. 954-943-4386 Case No.01-011629(04)Carney
Note: See audio on website for excerpts 5/11/05-5/29/05 This was a really bad time for us because we had a flawed atty. who filed a flawed lawsuit and was acting in a flawed manner. When I started with him, I was getting screamed at 8-10 hrs. a day, his office was close, and I thought it was convenient. I didn't realize how bad this would get and that we would need an exceptional atty. for help.The Bar Assoc said to file a complaint against him, but I didn't need another subplot. Help from him was over.Atty.Yates thought that would end it and he certainly wasn't going to win by going to issue. Lori then came after us full force thinking we had no protection and she was invincible to come after us .Which was true.This was screaming, threatening, yelling lies and false accusations at us and about us, fence, backyard, front yard, between the garages, talking to us and about us at t he fence for hrs.,audible over the pumping A.C.unit and pool pump,and pu tting on water wings so she could float in the deep end of her pool closest to the property line and still talk to us and about us and sing at us. This with all or some of the rest of them home most of the time . The typical horror show. I was told I had better start really complaining and making a lot of noise about this and tell anyone I could or we would never get them to stop.Which was true.I went to the first Commissioner. The above then happened.
I must say, 5-28-05, Ofc. Search was tying to be nice as he was there about 3 yrs. ago when Lori was in the road after yelling and banging the fence for days and calling the police on us I did tell him there were audio tapes and a civil case.I did tell him I would give him the tapes so he could study them, as he had not been told about the situation going on for years, but Chief Licata gave both sets of tapes from the Commissioners to Community Liaison. (?) who already had them. This is where the situation was started, contolled and covered up.
Note: Code Enfor. Board meeting. 1-15-08. I've been leaving a lot of messages for this city asking for help for yrs. and I've always been polite in spite of borderline barbaric behavior, rude responses, lying, juvenile cover ups and expensive damage control. On 1-15-08, I got really upset. Due to past blatant distrustful situations with this city, thinking about a pending $18,000.00 fine for a month was out of the question and I did leave a few very angry messages.The plan for police protection and intevention at the meeting and the actions taken were an insult. How quickly people are to self protect in the face of no protection for others. It's very obvious that there's no police protection against stalkers and harassers but there is immediate police action if someone is going to complain about it in public.The choice of a Conmmunity Liaison Ofc . is revealing in a way that was already apparent.
On 9-11-01 Lori Watras kept screaming at me, theatening me,and lying about me,coming up to the fence from in and out of the main house, sliding glass door audible. This while the rest of them were home, having a long family fight. Approx. 4 hrs. Therere was no protection from Commuunty Liaison as this behavior was sanctioned. See website Audio 9-11-01 for excerpts.

(#8) 2-12-08. Mr.J. Lavisky, Thank you for your appearance at the Code Board Meeting, and your work and input. Waiting for a month with an $18,000.00 fine hanging would have been unbearable considering the time and expense of this situation already dealt with. There are, however, some basic questions as to what exactly happened there, and with c ode enfor., as there are with the total situation. Thank you, Gail
2-12-08Toni Palmiri, Clerk, Code Enfor. Please direct memo. Thank you.Attention: Acting-Chairman Mr. Allan Burrows:
Please check your records. At the Code Board Meeting, 1-15-08, I did ask if the $500.00 fine could be mitigated, and I was immeditely told to leave. I got no reply or any acknowledgement of the question. Having just spoken to the City Clerk, I have just found out that the appeal process was ten days and the infor. was "online". I have asked numerous times for infor.on this with no reply, that bein g odd as with all the previous attention paid to this.
The $500.00 is an insulting waste of money on principle. Exactly, what is the point? If the sitting Code Board had been aware of the situation, the fine probably would not have been imposed. Residents with this kind of horrible problem going on should be helped, not glossed over to keep it quiet, by any dept, directly or indirectly, which by this point is impossible.
Good damage control is appaudable. Simply moving fast and covering up doesn't solve anything, anywhere, in any dept .It just shows that that was the technique used. Thank you. Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#9 )Toni, Thank you.Can you please answer the second question?2-08-08Toni Palmieri, Clerk. Code Enfor. :Please reply or direct memo. Thank you Attention:Acting- Chairman: Allan Burrows. Code Board
Re: $500.00 fine. To whom is it made out to and where is it delivered? Information not on letter.
Re: Request or Appeal for Reimbursement.To whom and where is this appeal or request made or sent?- The Code Board, the Code Master, or the City Attorney?
This is a strong matter of principle.We weren't the ones who were wrong.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. 954 943-4386

(#10) 2-14-08.Attention Mayor F. Schorr: I strongly suggest the City conducts its own Internal Investigation of Inappropriate Police Behavior on the part of Det. Larry Hawkins and Commmander Michael Oh, regarding the Starrs/ Watrases' situation, -protection,assistance, lying, attemped coverups,and misguiding other Officers,etc., the major full brunt and expense of this behavior falling on residents for years, before it is conducted by an outside source.
There also appears to be an inappropriate influence regarding this situation by Atty. Robert Yates, who does not reside in this City and did not have to put up with the bad effects. During Mediation, which we had to pay for, mandatory in a Civil Suit, when Lori Watras just started to complain, not scream, Atty. Robert Yates yelled at the top of his voice, "Shut Up!" in front of all including the Mediator. He obviously wasn't putting up with any of it, just making sure we had to to. The Starrs, Watrases, and Yates basically lied in Mediation. The Mediator spent the majority of the time on the phone, one person being a Judge, trying to find another City where there was a community service to settle problems. (?) We did not request that. This civil suit was filed because we had no choice, no protection and no way to stop the behavior, and we had to put up with that be havior full force while the civil suit,also thwarted by police activity,was going on.
This should have been solved at the most in six months within Lighthouse Point without needing outside sources, and without the burden and expense on residents. You really should know what went on in this city.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/ Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#11) 2-14-08.Attention Mayor F. Schorr: I strongly suggest the City conducts its own Internal Investigation of Inappropriate Police Behavior on the part of Det. Larry Hawkins and Commmander Michael Oh, regarding the Starrs/ Watrases' situation, -protection,assistance, lying, attemped coverups,and misguiding other Officers,etc., the major full brunt and expense of this behavior falling on residents for years, before it is conducted by an outside source.This situation is obvious and can no longer continue to be whitewashed and covered up.
This should have been solved at the most in six months within Lighthouse Point without needing outside sources, and without the burden and expense on residents. Thank you, Gail Pfistner/ Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#12 )2-17-08Toni Palmieri, Clerk. Please direct memo,. Thank you.Acting- Chairman ,Code Board, Allan Burrows:
The $500.00 fine has been paid. Considering the known problem with this situation and considering the known time and expense the victims spent trying to stop this problem, imposing this fine was unnecessary and crass. So was not answering the question on mitigating it. Nobody who caused this problem got fined. They got protection and salaries. .Quick damage control does not erase the problem. Neither does making the victims pay more for it.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#13) 2-19-08.Mr. J.Lavisky, Thank you for your help with the code/fine situation.Commissioner Long should be commended for extending himself beyond and above what is expected of a Commissioner to help residents and the course of the City.
For the record, Commissioner S. Gorden, then Commission President, was contacted by Atty.,06, the result being an insulting, legally juvenile retort by Atty.E. Bruce Johnson, which did not fix or solve the problem and did not cover it up. Obvious subjective damage control does not work or cover anything up. Tying to keep the victims quiet or just make them go away does not work with such determined stalkers/harassers who will not stop, with equally determined protection, and isn't logical.
Community Liaison's tactic of sending out a newer, younger officer who had no idea what he was doing, was not there for a large part of it, and was in way over his head, to cover up the mess they made, was insulting to the victims and just ultimately cost them more time and money.The first time I met him to talk about this and he started reiterating past policy and statements, I told him he was being misinformed, lied to,used and put out in front to protect the others, and that he would probably just get in trouble.I had already been dealing with this Police Policy and the S/Ws for over 5 yrs.This was unnerving but not unexpected that Community Liaison would do this. Chief Licata had already been informed by two commissioners and me that there was a bad problem and this is what Community Liaison did.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

#(14 )2-21-08. No one can figure out how the Starrs/Watrases got the pull to do this for years,no matter what,but it is obvious, it came fom Det.L. Hawkins and Commander Michael Oh.
After years of horrific abuse by the S/Ws, with their protection, this residency could no longer be used in any normal way, and I started mailing the tapes to a Sen./Atty.,who did call me, who was representing a city commissioner, and dropping the tapes off at a Real Estate Atty.'s office in Pompono,who lived in LHP I really needed help from somewhere.Approx. 48 hrs.after mailing and dropping off the tapes,the S/Ws would be in their backyard loudly discussing what was on the tapes,after being at the police station I stopped mailing them to the Sen./Atty.,and just dropped them off at the R.E. Atty's office.This went on for at least a year, the tapes being dropped off approx every 3 mos.,sometimes at shorter intervals,approx.48 hrs.later, the S/Ws would be loudly talking about them.The tapes were turned into the Judge and the opposing atty. when trials were to be scheduled,as required, but not on this timetable,or at this frequency,or in these small amounts. The tapes were dropped off as current, in an attempt for help.They were turned in for the civil suit later and in larger amounts.Thank you,Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28Ave.
Note: Years ago, the S/Ws demanded that their homeowners insurance policy pay their damages in the pending civil suit. I became aware of this when I got served by the Sheiff's Dept., the S/Ws' insurance co. saying that besides the S/Ws being responsible for their attys.' fees as they continued to bother them about that, so was I, as I was the plaintiff in the civilsuit (?) Another lovely experience in this mess while we were still putting up with what they were being sued for to stop. I didn't reply as I never filed for this,or even thought of filing for that. The insurance co.stopped bothering me.
The insurance co. had said no and the S/Ws were really mad about it and yelled alot about it, which we had to hear, and then they yelled a lot more at us because they were mad about that. They pretty much yelled at us about anything, any time they wanted. Even when they had their typical awful family fights, not about us, Lori would stilll go in and out of their house many times during them to bang on the fence and yell at us from behind the fence because she could and this was standard pattern
At least someone had said no to them.The S/Ws never said civilly they didn't do it.They just said we couldn't stop them from doing it,and we couldn't, not in Lighhouse PointAnd then they continued full force for years on usas they still thought they were invincible,and here, they wereThank you,Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence3540N.E.28Ave.954-943-4386

(#15 )2-28-08 There is still a bad problematic mindset situation. Thanks,Gail
2-28-08 Toni, This is becoming a bad problem again, for hrs, with Lori deliberately coming outside just to restart it. Is there answer to this question?
Toni Palmieri, Clerk, Please direct memo.Allan Burrows:2-16-08, 2P.M. 2-17-08 2P.M. 2-18-08 1P.M.2-25-08 earlier&4:30P.M. 2-28-08 1P.M.2 P.M. I would appreciate an answer to this question as Lori Watras's latest maneuver is to turn on that same redundant CD, the same one on for the last 21/2 mos.,stay outside for a few more minute s, and then go inside and leave it on. This is deliberately to harass, her pattern of behavior the same. This is the time when you want to use the pool area, backyard, and patio.It might be different if she/the y stayed outside with it, but they won't do that either.May I remind you that this same CD was already on for 3 and 4 hour, streatches, for 21/2 mos., with no reply from you,on this or all the qther questions.45 minutes is the most anyone can stand.That CD was blasted for 31/2 hours when we were tying to put up the fence. This is a slippery slope. Who wants that back up to 3-4 hrs. I think I have requested this infor.enough times in the past months.
2-03-08.I would appreciate a reply as this behavior has started up again after a short decline, the way it always does.It's always a slippery slope.It's definitely and deliberatly meant to harass.Lori comes out, turns it on and goes back in.Afternoons, weekends, when it's time to be in the backyard or by the pool.
2-01-08.Toni Palmiei, Clerk-Lighthouse Point Code Enf.: Please direct memo. Thank you. Attention: Mr. Allan Burrows : Acting- Chairman, Lighthouse Point Code Board
What actually constitutes a noise violation/code violation in Lighthouse Point? For years, the Starrs/ Watrases' horrific family fights were audible on three streets and in the park across the street. For years, the S/W's horrific threatening attacks against us and the banging on the fence were audible on three streets and across the street in the park. For years the S/W's technique of using radio stations on static, tapes of bongo drums, tapes of dripping sound s, combination of tapes, etc., full blast, left on on the backyard for hours, the same tape over and over, for harassment purposes, was audible on three streets and in the park across the street. Was this a noise/code violation?
Initially, after a horrible screaming and banging on the fence attack, Det. Hawkins issued the S/W a noise violation warning . (?) But nothing came of it and they continued for over 5 years.They would also come out and threaten and scream along with the tapes,sometimes with 2 tapes running and them.The fence is only 8 ft. off the pool. This was unlivible with them behind the fence for a time There was no protection. It was louder and lo nger and wo rse when the police showed up as this behavior was sanctioned and protected and was standard Police Policy.Old neighbors just stopped calling the police New neighbors naively called in and soon learned, no help .Det. Hawkins actually got the Ofc. of the Year Award during one of worst years.
The bongo tapes sessions were paticularly horrific.Lori Watas loudly blasted the same redundant bongo beat tapes for hours from the backyard, this with one or more of the Starrs/Watrases also home in the house, came into the backyard to beat the bongos along with the tapes,and also screamd and chanted she was coming after me/us along with tapes and her beating the bongos. For months.She also taped the whole thing to leave in and pl ay in the backyard so she did not have to be out there with it.This was audible on three streets and into the park across the street. No help.See website, , audio, -The bongo tapes.1-26-03,2-03 Was any of the above a Code violation? We could have used any kind of help even if it was just from Code Enfor.
After one really bad session with the tapes and Lori coming out into the backyard to beat on the bongos and threaten me/us,(addition:see audio web,long,intense,theatrical verbal abuse), the Starrs/Watrases called 911,the Fire Dept. twice and Det. Larry Hawkins showed up with the Fire truck, twice. Something about a cat possibly in a tree,the tree of course the one up to the fence.When I called the Fire Dept to inquire about the two visits, the person I spoke to wa nted to know why so many people were calling in.This was later officially written up as one visit-cat not found in tree. (?) It should be noted the Starrs/Watrases did not act up in front of the firemen on those visits. They had at other times There had been an excessive amount of ambulence calling which then required a firetruck and a police car. The neighbors complained about who was paying for it. The Strarrs/Watrases had acted up in front of all three.Particularly annoying was when they screamed amd shouted that all their problems were our fault in front of them.- An ineffective way to try to ge t any kind of a report to try to take the blame off them and blame us for their behavior. One national holiday, Lori called an ambulence, they didn't take anyone, and Lori screamedin t he backyard so the neighbors had to hear her ,after they left, that, she had to call an ambulence on a holiday (04-11-04-check website),because her brother was upset because I had taped her/them screaming at me/us.Unbelievable,but true.
The Starrs/ Watrases were very vocal about the fact that they should be able to scream at us all day, beat on fence, etc.,etc with no evidence,for ex.,tapes.This was my only protecton as there was no recourse in the City It's legal and was being used as evidence in the Civil case.The Starrs/Watrases did not want the evidence.This is just a further explantion of the Starrs/Watrases' excessive behavioral pattern to get what they wanted, acce ted by the city. See website for details on the their outrageous demands to stalk and harass and be protected,which they got.
Back to noise violation question- For the past holiday,07-08, season, the Starrs/Watrases left the same tape on in their backyard, for hours, deliberately as harassment,only one-fifth as loud as it used to be and no activity at the fence, as there was no fence Same annoying tape,hrs.,when we were trying to use the yard,different volumes, approx. two months. Lori Watras would come outside to keep turning it on to replay it.Is this a code violation? This is delibe ate annoyance.They are not out in the yard with it.They couldn't take it for hrs.either
My last attempt asking Code Enfor. this was the second week in Jan.08.No reply. Can I have reply? I can email a shorter version of this request.Thank you , Gail Pfistner /Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#16 ) 3-03-08. Why is it so had to get a direct answer from code enfor.? It wasn't hard for them to fine us,cite us,mail us,call us,send a code here with flashing lights over our "violations,"which were impossible to correct.
This may be our only avenue for help or any solution. Is this, or is this not, a code violation?
The S/Ws are not stupid. They never do anything without police approval or without knowing they can get it after the fact. If Lori is continually restarting the same CD, for hrs., she has police appproval to do it. Mr. Starr has been heard, they are very loud talkers, discussing "torture against the house"or what is "considered as torture against the house" with the rest over what exactly they could and could not do, years ago. This is the term used in civil circles for that situation.They know what they are doing and they know the boundaries.
Mr. Starr has spent hrs. harrassing us in front of all 3, Lori, Mark, John, or with each of them alone for years. He is not the hapless father tying to keep his out of control family in control as he tries to present himself. He did it,encourages it,and protects it.
This is nothing compared to the duration, intensity, meanness,and volume of the Hawkin's Stalkers years, which ruined this residency and cost a lot of money to try and stop, but having been worn out by the preceding, this is not endurable or normal, by any normal standards. Also, why doesn't this City acknowledge or honor Injunctions? Why the flim flaming, making excuses, skirting around the issues, and flat out lying, to protect the S/Ws with it instated? Det.Larry Hawkins and Commander Mike Oh set up this ruinous police and city policy years ago and misguided other Ofcs.and others for years.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. 954-943-4386 01-011629(04) Carney
Note :The neighbors,whom I do not discuss this with, were ,after approx. one mo., reduced to standing at their backyard fence, waiting for Lori to come out,and asking her if she could please turn that off. Lori said no, she didn't have to. She then did take out her synthesizer and played that for some time and then, later, she blasted that CD longer and louder than ever, and just continued, to date, at different lengths and volume.
There has always been a tendency in this city blame, be annoyed by, or try to make the victims go away or be quiet. Which is the nicest way to put that. Did anyone ever think of dealing with the people who actually caused this problem, besides protecting them and covering it up?- The Starrs, Watrases, Det .Larry Hawkins, Commander Mike Oh? (?)

(#17) 3-04-04 Mayor F.Schorr: Mr.J. Lavisky: The mindset of the Starrs/Watrases, compulsive sociopaths, is still problematic.The City, still covering up the mess Det.L.Hawkins and Commander M.Oh made, making this situation much worse, is still a problem.Corporate style damage control doesn't work with sociopaths.It also doesn't work with this much bad police work so evident.Blaming the victims as technique also doesn't work.
Refering victims back to the police is the old Catch 22 as this is where the problem started.Catch 22 is too expensive for the victims, in time, stress, and money.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#18 ) 3-04-08.What is the City's estimated taxpayer cost for protecting the Starrs/Watrases while they harassed, stalked threatened,screamed,trespassed, made death threats, beat on the fence, had horrific family fights and made ridiculous nuisance calls involving patrol cars and salaried patrolmen for years? The victims are acutely aware of the time and cost of fending off both parties.
The incidents in the Com.Oh,Tierney,Chaiken -Weiss,Pollick,Graham,etc. fiascos were minor compared to the deliberate duration and persistence of this.This actually preceded that and still continues.
Commander Mike Oh and Det. Larry Hawkins set forth a ruinious police policy, misguided other Ofs.and deceived others,the effects still felt today. This policy was diligently adhered to and followed by Ofcs .and Ofc. Sean Thompson and Ofc. Shane Campbell. Ofc. Sean Thompson actually came through the enclosed porch to bang on the kitchen door on a nuisence police call for Lori. Andy had tried to mow the lawn See website ,audio narrrative for details. This was horrific screaming, threatening harrassment, including by Mr.Starr, and we got no help. It just continued.This was the now legendary "Hawkinism", if Lori thinks staring is stalking, she can call the police for a police patrol car visit no matter what the S/Ws are doing, with no protection from them. I did compl ain to the Sen./Atty. representing the Commissioner with the tapes,about the whole situation. Chief Tierney collected no money from the city. Com.M.Oh had alrady collected his atty.'s fees. web narrative.When ex-chief, Mannino, who still had the keys to the police chief's office and was basically still running it, came campaigning for Commissioner door to door, I told him it was not good police work and we really needed help. He said if I voted for him and he won, he would help me. He didn't, and he didn't. The S/Ws and their police protection were unnerving, persistent and not penetrable.Note:Addition.Ofc. S.Thompson was arrested for insurance fraud while working in LHP.He went to work at another police dept.and was arrested for complications about leaving the scene of an accident. Ofc.S.Campbell w ent to work for the Sheriff's Dept. where he was arrested for clearing.
This is not apples and oranges. This is the same people still doing the same thing being protected at taxpayers' expense. The S/Ws situation is known. Commander Oh and Det. Hawkins are still protected and salaried today. If Det.Hawkins is still complaning that Com. M.Oh made him do it, may he be reminded that he had other options if this code of conduct was too unsavory for him The problem was, this code of conduct was not too unsavory for him.Thank you,Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave.953 943 4386

(#19) 3-04-08. Who is responsible for the accountability to taxpayers on the amount of taxpayers' monies spent on the Starrs/Watrases and the police involment regarding this? The victims are very aware of the cost of trying to stop both.
It is rather naive for any administration to think that this would indefinitly not come up. It already has, however, with the police maintaining autonomy for years regarding this, it was hard to find an avenue for this complaint,or any complaint about any part of this situation in general .There was also a fear of reprisal and of ending up in the victims' situation, the Starrs/Watrases and the police protection obviously being persistent and not penetrable.
The coverups really aren't that good, paperwork attempts trite.It's hard to erase the amount of noise and the amount of visible patrolcars and salaried patrolmen. This situation predates the Com.Oh,Tierney,Chaiken-Weiss,Pollick, Grahnm,etc.,situations, the effects still felt today.Det. L.Hawkins and Commander M.Oh set forth a ruinous,expensive, inexplicable,and inappropiate police and city policy, misguiding and directly deceiving other Ofs.and others.
Again, it wasn't as though this question did not come up, along with the questionable avenue of complaint for any of this.Who pays for the City's Attorneys regarding all aspects of this?Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. 954-943-4386\

(#20) 3-11-08 Who is responsible for keeping Det.L Hawkins employed and salaried? Not only did he protect, lie,and cover up for the Starrs/Watrases as a police Ofc./Det., inappropiate to say the least, he also did this in civil deposition,the civil suit,our only avenue for help against the S/Ws and their police protection,costing us more in time and money. He was also the City's Victims' Rights Advocate, so that was an avenue we also could not use.
Who is responsible for keeping Commander Mike Oh employed and salaried? Com. M.Oh was well aware of the situation with the S/Ws, as the S/Ws really harassed his brother's in-laws, years, before the S/Ws targeted us.It was also disheartening that Ofc./Sgt.Chris Oh did not help, but he did not have the power that his brother did.
Commission M.Chaiken-Weiss may have been a little off in left field and a little trite in her choiceof criticism issues of Commander Mike Oh and then Chief Tierney, but she wasn't wrong. There was bad police work and we were getting the horrific full brunt of it while that was going on. Commissioner Weiss was defeated in reelection, Chief Tieney got nothing from the city,Com. Oh had already collected atty's fees. If you want to live and work in this city, you do not go up against Com.M.Oh. and Com.M.Oh was protecting and assisting the S/Ws.
Sgt J.Vaccaro had for years,diligently adhered to the Hawkins/Oh policy ,even though he knew it was wrong, protecting and covering up for the Starrs/Watrasses and misinforming a training Ofc.about the situation and legal proceedings, just making it harder and more expensive for us to get help.
If the city administrater is really trying to do diligent damage control for he city, he shouldn't have to go up against a brick wall of such juvenile, arrogant behavior.City issues suits are heady stuff. The city really has the resources to really play around with issues and technicalities.However,evidence is evidence." Evidence" is something other cities use in determining a solution or a plan of action .It just wasn't used in this city. Nobody can really still figure out why and what this city did. Thank you,Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence3540 N.E.28Ave.954-943-4386

(#21) 3-11-08 If for any reason ,the e-mail service is not working and recipients are not"getting" these e-mails, they will be available onlineor in printout,as excerpts, as it is important to document and record the situations,contents contained,and the events discussed in them for further protection,as the S/Ws' mindset is very determined and the city is equally very determined to protect them and to cover this up, requiring constant diligence.The best advice given, after horrific years of this, was to tell as many people as possible,any and everywhere, to stop the S/Ws and their protection .This is not an enviable situation or position.This is a timeconsumig, lifealtering, stressfull, resentful,,unnecessary if not for deliberate circumstance,situation and position.Thankyou, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence3540 N.E. 28Ave. 954-943-4386

(#22 )3-11-08. Civil suits are heady stuff, expense used as technique.There are approx. 6-7 "E . Buce Johnson" type retorts in this particular situation, each costing approx. $2,000-$3,000to counteract, that along with delays, lenghty issueless depositions used as technique,and the typical runarounds. It is very important to talk about, record,and document this sitution as an alternative and company to civil action, for protection.There more than likely will never be a cure or a solution due to mindset,duration, protection,coverups,and city policy..

(#23 ) 3-11-08 Who is responsible and finacially accountable for the amount and the duration of the ridiculous harassing nuisance calls made by the Starrs/Watrases for years involving patrol cars and salaried patrolmen? I had to really complain and complain about this policy to get any kind of lull or relief from this,and then they would just start up again.These calls were really harassing us while we were already really getting harassed by the S/Ws without any help for us. These niusance calls were also a harassing mechanism used by the S/Ws.
I also complained that we were being used as a training exercise and that too many training cops and new cops were being trained here-"this is what you do in a domestic," scenerio-as the S/Ws were always calling or doing something anyway.And we still couldn't get any help.
One of the worst assults by the S/Ws was 8-22-04. Andy had worked 10 hrs. pulled into the driveway,left the van in the driveway,opened the garage door and had come into the house through the garage The S/Ws had now, for years, targeted him and tried toget him into arguments,that way it could beconsidered as a two party fight,they thought if he responded.Luckily, he worked a lot.Very quickly, the screaming was unbelievable, loud, heard in the house over two tvs in two different rooms, coming from the front yard. Andy wanted to go out to see what was going on. I told him not to as I know once the S/Ws start screaming at me/us, they always call the police.He went out anyway as this was very, very loud. I follo wed him with the recorder.
Mel, Lori ,Mark and John were between the driveways, up to our garage,trespassing, Mel had a recorder., John ,standing back a little,had a video camera,which I didn't really realize until later, 3 were yelling,and Lori was yellng that Andy had thrown something at her.This was horrific.Andy did look mad at them and we went into the house with them still trespassing and yelling The police did show up.The S/Ws did call them.
Sgt J.Vaccaro had bought over a training cop.
By now, I had two recorders always ready to turn on and use as evidence the S/Ws were harassing us and to protect us when they tried to lie about us, and also so I didn't have to go back and forth through the porch from the backyard to the frontyard when they went back and forth to scream. I had just taped the S/Ws screaming at us in the frontyard, visible as I went out with it following Andy when he went out to see what the screaming was about so close to the house and I told him to get back into the house as I knew how bad the S/Ws were as I was used to dealing with them and their cops on a daily basis when he wasn't there.
The training cop had come to inquire about Lori screaming Andy had thrown something at her.He came in calling Andy's name.I was really exaspertated. I explained the situation, played him the tape of them just screaming at us and Andy and I both told him we really needed help with the S/Ws.He/they left and nothing else was done Lori was at that back fence until midnight, taunting,threatening, lying and harassing him/us and she kept it up for days,now thinking she had an issue she could expound on,which she lied about, typical.
I did call Sgt.Vaccaro when he got back to the station, telling him he knew better than to just bring a training cop over here to just train and not help us,and he already knew how much trouble we were having without any help for us and how much I had already complained about the S/Ws nuisnancecalls and the police using us to train ofcs.on.Sgt. Vaccaro really did know better, but he just repeated, "It is customery in Lightouse Point to respond to a police call ",etc. trying to just slide over this.
I really do not think this was the way to give a training cop the proper perspective on this situation.He should have told the training ofc. the truth.and gotten us some help.We asked for help.The Hawkins/Oh policy was dligently adhered to by Sgt.J.Vaccaro,and he was a little too integrated into that ruinous Hawkins/Oh police policy,
This was just in general another horrific session the S/Ws got away with,again.They got to threaten, scream, trespass,get police cars over here, lie to the police and harass us for days over it, pretty much typical. I then,on top of that, had to hear them fighting with each other over how much trouble they might be in,as Lori, afraid she might have been caught lying on another camera admitted she had lied and they didn't know how much trouble they could be in also with the pending civil case.That worried or bothered them enough so that they went back to fighting with each other for some time, making loud references to or about us while they were doing it, but not full force on us.Those were the typical loud horrible family fights, still audible,backyard, etc.
They did,however, try to circulate that video of Andy looking mad at them in his driveway, months later, as some kind of proof he was bothering them, (?) and they are probably still tying to do that. John Watras, for sometime, kept yelling he had that video,almost like a threat he wanted us to hear. (?)
Their mindset is one of the reasons I had to put that website up for further protection.See 8-22-04 and 8-03-04 for some of the audio,all not up..Thank you ,Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave.954-943-4386Written part missing at end of 8-22-04 audio tape section:9-03,4-04typical familyfights,some references to me/us
9-06-04bad family fight,Lori mad at mother10-11-04bad famlyfight,Lori mad at mother,banging, loud,yelling, refers to me11-05-04very bad family fight, long,loud, screaming, banging,yelling10-19-04family fight, long loud10-24-04 familyfight,bad,long,yelling,cont.on next section10-24-04

(#24) For website,not standard e-mail,but sent out. Add to under written part "the story".Add injunction infor..
Note: The Starrs/Watrases also trespassed and banged on the fence extending from the back of this garage with the gate,on a diagonal, approx.5 yds.,meeting the interior fence separating the interior backyards.They did this as they went in and out between the garages or whenever they wanted to.That's besides standing right in back of it and screaming and banging on it whenever they wanted to.This was closest to the barbeque grill and patio funiture.They didn't just bang on the inteior fence.That's one of the reasons it was so important to keep them from trespassing between the garages to 35 Ct.,with something they couldn't bang on.John Watras would especially bang the garbage cans into this part of the fence,whenever he wanted to,especially if we were using the grill.
Case No. 01-011629(04)Carney finished. Civil Injunction against the Starrs/Watrases. The Starrs/Watrases never said that they didn't do it They just said that we couln't stop them from doing it,and we couldn't, not in LHP.
The Fence. This is a corner lot. We have always had a complete fence enclosing the backyard as there is a pool. This, we consider as a personal standard, as something that should normally be done, not just a regulation.Because of hindering, dense underbrush, the fence on the southside was built one foot inside this property, and 1-2 ft.on a diagonal on the east side,on the otherside,the interior fence between the 2 backyards.The fence on the east side,approx.48 ft.,was a joint project between this residency and the Starrs /Watrases, approx in 1991-92, the majority of the project done by two members of this residency.There is diagonal fence with a gate coming off the side back of this garage meeting the interior backyard fence enclosing this yard.The S/Ws have some fence and a gate extending from th e back side of their garage meeting the interior backyard fence.After hurricane Wilma, the fence, interior between this residency and the S/Ws, approx. 36 ft.came down in two large pieces, each about 18 ft., intact, one on a 45 degee angle facing the S/Ws and one on a 45 degeree angle facing us.Two end pieces, each 6 ft.,stayed up on each end.As soon as the storm stopped, Lori came out, screamed I was a -itch, and the S/Ws called Code Enfor.and the Police (?) They were adamantly complaining that their privacy was violated.Code Enfor.and the police were there many times We were told that because the base of the the fence was on their side, the S/Ws claimed total ownership,and we were told that we could not fix the fence or touch it or push it back over on their side,this immediately,before we even thought about fixing it.Mr. Starr was outside with the police adamantly waving and showing his survey that the fence base was on his side and that he was claiming it as theirs. However this survey never stopped the Starrs /Watrases from trepassing and trying to lie about it, between the garages and in the front yard between the driveways The fence stayed that way for approx.4 1/2 months, the S/Ws didn't fix it, while the S/Ws loudly complained about it and complained that their privacy was violated. (?) Mark Starr actually sat in the backyard facing this house looking into the house and if he saw me walking by the windws on the inside of my house and if I looked back at him, he would start complaining his privacy was violated. Then,when Mark Starr was home, someone came over and threw one of the fence pieces, approx.18 ft. into our yard. By this time, we had the Injunction against the S/Ws, specifically stating not to throw things into into our yard. I had to call Code Enfor.,bldg .dept.etc.for over 2 get that fence piece removed. Finally, the S/Ws removed it and the other piece, and I thought it was over.Code Enfor.called and said that since the fence was removed, it was no longer a repair, but a new fence, requiring a permit,and it was our responsibilily as in Lighthouse Point, exterior lots were responsible for interior fences . A lot of people didn't know this. Mark Starr loudly yucked it up in the backyard, saying Andy was probably really mad because he had just spent $28,000.00 on the lawsuit and now he was going to have to pay $900.00 to put up a new fence.Mark was constant harassment,the only thing he really did all day was try to think up ways to bother us and tell the others how to do it He also made chronic lying nusience calls to the police,would think of ways to do it out loud in the backyard,and w as very proud he could get away with it.Getting police vehicles over her e was a big deal to him, and a constant problem for us as we couldn't stop it and had no idea when it would happen because it was whenever Mark/and also they,would decide they were going to do it whenever it was most convenient to them.I really complained about the amount of obvious lying nusience calls they made, which were pure harassment on us but the policy wouldn't stop.The police were like a big game the S/Ws could play whenever they wanted to,no matter how ridiculous. Note: Add date. Sgt.A.NestorPrevious to this, after hurricane Wilma, before the finished civil suit and Injunction,Andy had tried to repair the south side fence. Mark and Mel went into the backyard and Mark complained about something. Then the police showed u p saying that there was a concern that we were taking part of their fence to fix ours.We hadn't done that, both fallen large pieces of their now claimed fence were intact, and we had slats in our garage left over for years from other repair work which we took out of our garage to repair the south side, and the garage door was open clearly showing we had more fence slats in the garage.Mark took pictures of us with a big smirk on his face when we were talking to the police and drove away with a big smirk staring at our house. Typical. Andy had tried to work in the yard again.The police were always way too user friendly with Mark who made constant nusience calls which taxpayers paid for I had to really complain about this, just to get periods of time without his harassment calls and his attempts at getting police reports to counteract the civil suit or in genera l t o try and use against us in other places. The responding Ofc was Sgt. Nestor,who had done nothing to help us in the preceeding years,even though he was aware of the situation, but would of course come out on a harassing nuisance call for the S/Ws. Also typical.
There had been another fence situation with the S/Ws. Previously, a new owner,35th St.,backyards meeting, had made an oral agreement with the S/Ws, while he was upgrading his property to remove the old fence between them and put up a new one, to split the material costs.He did all the work himself also cleaning up all the S/Ws' garbage along the property line, and then Mr.Starr refused to pay him anything. He was really mad when he told me he got zero from them. I then told him we had spent $30,000.00 just trying to sit in our backyard. When he moved in and was clearing out his backyard, Lori had really screamed at him to turn his equipment off because she didn't want to hear it, but when he was was putting up the fence, the S/Ws were quiet.Then they became hostile toward him and they started up again b ut nothing like what they had done to us.
There were more problems one being the property between the garages north to N.E.35 Ct., frontyards and driveways. In spite of the Injunction not to trespass anymore, and as I had said, Mr Starr made it a point to show the police his survey, John Wartras was still trespassing, slamming the gate and yelling at me and about me whenever he wanted to, making as much noise as he could, going out from the backyard between the garages to the front driveway, the closest proximity to us, pool area, grill, patio furniture, for months. He would actually wave at me while he was trespassing, doing this with Lori out with him watching. John is 50ish.and his behavior is scary, especially when he yells," It won't be over until somebody dies!" while trespassing,and he just didn't think he had to or want to stop. He also for yrs had slammed the garabage cans into the diagonal fence part as loud as he could on that route, plus trespassing and standing right in back of it to harass us/me.I was in the driveway one day and went back into the house to get my camera as he was trespassing and waving at me and Lori and John called the Police on me and said I was harassing him by trying to take his picture.-while he was trespassing. (?) There is approx. 5 ft. of property on their side as their house was built before current code and this was all bushes and nowhere where John could have been walking, but they still told the police he was not trespassing. The injunction states do not cause lying on a police report, because of bad previous problems with this,but that didn't seem to matter to anyone.
The best way to keep John Watras and all of them finally from trespassing and harassing us while they were doing it was to extend the new fence between the garages towards the front driveway. The problem, it had to be something they could not beat on with a bat or a pole or deliberately slam the garbage cans into,as this right off our patio.
Code Enfor. had told us we had to put up a new fence.We got the permit and materials.I keept in contact with code I knew the S/Ws would harass me/us and call the the police on me/us. For 5 yrs.,every time Andy tried to work on the property, the S/Ws called the police on him, harassed him, and tried to get him into an argument probably so they could say this was a two party situation.They did this with any man /anyone who dared to come over here. I decided to try the fence myself. The SWs called the police on me so many times, I just finally kept up the orange plas tic fence between the garages to keep them out and stopped. This was also a good idea because they could not bang on plastic. See emails.As far as the trespassing, the police said "the property line had not been defined" -Ofc.Switaj (06)-even though we had a bldg. permit which requires a survey when the S/Ws called the police on me when I wa s trying to start the fence.The property line was, however,quickly "defined" when it was time to pay to remove a dead palm tree which the city had planted decades ago,and.the code board cited us.
Note: To their credit,two of the newer Ofs,.,names?, who came here once during the tying to put up the fence fiasco,Lori and John Watras had called them, were reasonable, really didn't seem like they really wanted to bother me and actually told Lori she could not scream. They obviously had not yet been integrated and trained into the LHP policy, but still had to report back so that would not last. Lori and John Watras still had just demonstrated they were still capable of getting patrol cars and patrolmen over here on ridiculous harassing nuisance calls, while still harassing and trespassing, and nothing,of course, was done about that.
But there was also the bigger overriding problem with the fence, interior, between the backyards, 8 ft. off the pool, whch runs north,south. What to do when the S/Ws slammed the fence with a bat, stick or pole any time of the day or night, this is legal in Lighthouse Point, we had had over 5 yrs of it and I just didn"t want to hear that banging again.It was part of the Injunction, but neither the S/Ws nor the police were paying attention to it.
The other problem - them standing behing the 6ft. shadowbox fence and using it as a barrier to harass us. I noticed that the S/Ws were staying away fom the property line in the backyad and this excesive behavior in that manner had stopped, probably because of the visiblity-no fence barrier to stand behind, we had 4 trees which had grown in quite well ,but not totally blocking visiblity as a barrier fence would, and I definitely did not want this behavior to start over again,and I definitely did not want to listen to it, even in short deliberate spurts. The S/Ws know how to harass. And there was a problem that their attitude hadn't changed, that they were still trying to get around everything to find ways to continue to harass. And the attitude of the city hadn't chan ged.T here was no reasonable way the fence could go back up. The S/Ws kept calling code get the fence back up even though they were the reason it wasn't up. No one in Lighthouse Point would put a fence back up under these conditions
This went on for some time-the code board telling us to put the fence up and I was saying no because they beat on it for over 5 yrs. with police protection and they used it as a barrier to stand behind and harrass us sometimes 10-11 hrs. a day, with police protection. We even went before the sitting code board once to explain this and they had no idea what was going on. I finally put up the website and the city had to stop lying and covering up what had really happend. The website was also necessary for further protection against the Starrs/Watrases who did not want to stop It was also easier to refer to the website when things flared up than to try and explain it over and over again which can really wear you out, and it really has to be heard to get the extent of the horrific audio attac ks, and cassettes are outdated to use and cumbersome to carry around. And we definitely needed protection as the mindset of the S/Ws was still problematic to say the least. GailPfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28Ave9549434386
Note:-1-2008 The interior backyard property line was aproached once by JohnWatras,standing next to Mr.Starr,approx.11/2 yrds.on their side,middle to scream,loudly,"I hope the City liens their house for thousands of dollars and takes it!"
We were, perhaps naively,unaware of the full extent that the City would come after us regarding the interior fence,the problems with the S/Ws known,no solution presented.
But, John Watras knew.
Startled by the screaming, I was inside the house at the time,he is loud, I called a City Commissioner to find out the full extent of the City's plan.I did say I didn't need to find out about it by being screamed at by a stalker,who caused the problem.
JohnWatras's confidence in victimizing us was flat out scary,but he had had the necessary protection and reinforcement for over 5 yrs.I had told the police I was afraid of him when I was trying to put up the fence to keep him from trepassing and harassing between the garages.His acceptance and participation in aberant behavior is unfailing.

(#25) There appear to be issues with the City's Policy regarding the Starrs/Watrases and the civil case before and after the settlement agrreeement. Civil Case No.01-011629(04)Carney,Injunction
The Starrs/Watrases never said they didn't do it, just that we couldn't stop them from doing it, and we couldn't, not in LHP.
Facing a good Atty. and an unavoidable court date,Atty. Robert Yates folded, trying to say he had no idea how bad the S/Ws were,even though he had the evidence.
This was terse as the S/Ws' determination was formidable as was their protection.
The first violation was $1,.000.00, clearly done when they threw that 18 ft.fence piece in the yard,as they were not to throw things in the yard any more.Then the violations went to $5.000.00
You would have thought the city would have changed after the Injunction and been more helpful, but they were as determined as ever, to a ridiculous degree, which was unnerving, now as before,to defend and excuse the S/Ws' every past and new move even when they tried to get around the Injunction, and, of course, to defend and excuse everything they had done to help them in the past,and to attempt to cover everything up. This was complicated by the fact that they were working with compulsive sociopaths with a really pumped up mindset,who didn't want to stop, not even to help them cover up them covering them up.
The Injunction states I must file a complaint with the police. Pg.4,C .Exactly where and how does one get a complaint in LHP against the S/Ws?,- with the mailman?-when everything is done to protect excuse,and cover up for them. This was very unnerving, upsetting, and not expected that this policy would still be in effect after the Inj. See website for infor. for years of policy regarding tying to get police reports and the S/Ws.
Lori and John Watras are bazen enough to discuss and laugh loudly in their backyard, about this police report for Injunction violations situation. It's not as if they don't know what they are doing, police protection and excuses for everything. They've had it for years.They know I can't get a police report.They continually check to see if there are any police reports I can use. They know I will never get one.
The city/police policy of excusing the S/Ws of eveything definitely thwarted me from proceeding with this after the Inj. went through.The police weren't and still aren't even an option to use in this situation, as this is where the situation originated,was diligently maintained and was covered up. All the police do is cost us more money. See for infor. for yrs.on trying to get police reports regarding this.
Mel and Lori are on the Injunction. It does state that" they shall not suggest,counsel,infer,etc.others...." Pg.3,#4 That put John Wartras center stage to harass us as they thought he could get around that clause, even though one or all of them were with him when he did it. John lives in the, studio apt,on the very east property line and parks his car on the very east property line. He could have exited and entered the backyard on that side and left us alone,but he continued on this side, trespassing and deliberately harassing us, not with the full intensity of the Hawkins Stalkers years, but still yelling and insulting,in spurts. See web additions. He had to be kept off the property.He definitely needed a visual aid to not trespass and harass,hence the orange plastic fence between the garages that he also could not bang on . He called the police, many times with Lori. trying to stop thi s.Before the fence was up,he actually stood on this property and told the police that he had never, ever trespassed even when the only way he could have been on their property was to be standing in the bushes and plants as there is only 5 ft of property on their side and they hadn't trimmed it back yet. I dont think he was standing in the bushes and the plants when he was talking to the police. Mel tried to counteract this by going to code enfor.and saying our survey was 3 ins off, saying we had added an extension to the garage.(?) I don''t think this explains John's behavior.The orange plastic fence went up and he had to stay out.
They actually called an ambulence and John actually waited for the paramedics outside and said my fence was blocking them from proceeding, even though the patient lived in the main house with a front door,and if they had moved him to the studio apt. in the backyard,they still could get to it through the main house.They call a lot of ambulences.The next 2 or 3 were for John.
The S/Ws lied so much to the police that the Injunction states," they shall not cause the filing of a false police report."Pg.3,#4,G)
The one thing the Injunction did do,not initially,was to impede all those ridiculous, lying, harassing nuisance calls,visits which the S/Ws could make and get any time and for any reason which made it impossible to have any kind of normal living here, while they were obviously really abusing us, with police protection. It's one thing for the police to come over here and help the S/Ws harass us with nuisance calls, but it's another thing to have all these calls,visits and written reports,complaints go before a circuit court judge with the explanation, "What the Starrs/Watrases 'think', is what it is, in LHP. Ask Det. Larry Hawkins." They/city knew it was wrong when they were doing it. They knew the whole thing was wrong.The S/Ws are still probably trying to do that as that became a standard mechanism for them.There is a difference be tween just assisting them in harassing us and getting involved in court/violation/ fine proceedings before a judge.
Note: Incident: Add correct date. 9-05, I went into the backyard to sit by the pool with a cupof coffee.I could hear Mark Starr in his backyard saying he had seen and smelled smoke, heard a popping and a fizzing sound, saw something and had thought he should call. I really didn't know what happened as the 6 ft. shadowbox fence was still up,we did not have direct visibility .Well,very shortly, a police ofc. was at my door saying Mark had said I had thrown a firecraecker over the fence at him and he wanted to know if I would let him in the side gate to check our backyard for firecrackers. I brought him into the backyard through the garage as the gate was tied shut. I have never used fireworks on my own and the last time there were any firecrackers on this property was about 15 yrs. ago when t he kids were younger and there was adult supervision.I wasn't too happy about an other lying, harassing nuisance police visit from Mark and I expresesed it. I also wasn't too happy with the prospect of another lying police report fom the S/Ws as the civil case was still pending. The City's policy had been to say that if the S/Ws "thought"something, to get around their flat out lying with no evidence or with evidence to the contrary. This was the Catch 22 police report policy. The S/Ws were covered.The lying, ridiculous harassing police visits started on 12-06-99, on my birthday, and there was no way we could stop them as we had no idea what they would call about. The police knew it as wrong when they were doing it. The S/Ws also loudly discussed calling code enfor.after 4 P.M. and on weekends and holidays because then they got to talk to the police instead of code enf. Mark really liked getting a police vehicle ov er here.
Later that afternoon, I had visitor who was obviously over 8 mos. pregnant. We tried to sit in the backyard and the screened in porch.Lori came out and whacked on that fence in an almost steady beat for 20-30- mins.until the visitor left.Then she stopped. At least she wan't screaming at us or spraying the yard, all that being O.K. in LHP. Witnesses are not important. All witnesses since the beginning have been credible and the only thing that mattered was what the S/Ws said or thought or wanted. The witnesses were credible. Det. L.Hawkins wasn't credible. Neither was the policy.Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#26) 3-18-08.If there are some complaints or issues that these situations were "in the past," please be reminded that when they were current, there was always some dumb excuse as to why they should be going on. The excuse, if now being used, that they were in the past is equally insulting. The problematic mindset of the troublemakers is still current, the juvenile cover up explanations are still current, and the last financial "fine" payment is current.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-94-34386

(#27) 3-19-08 Sergeant C.Lai literally trained on the Starr/Watras situation during the height of the Oh/Hawkins/Tierney era when things had reached a truly horrific outrageous level, that policy stunning everyone,and he should have been a little more forthcoming to the newer and training Ofs.and to the new Chief over what had actually happened,as he trained in and worked in the neighborhood a lot and diligently adhered to that policy,which he did not instate and was not responsible for, but he did know there was something wrong with it. Our new neighbor,south of us on 28 Ave, had unknowingly inheirited the situation when the house was bought for his father,a decorated WW2 veteran,instead of usng a retirement community. This was when the S/Ws' loud horrific family fights were unbearable and their and Lori's screaming w ent on for hrs.,sometimes 8-10,upsetting everyone. Plus,Lori was dragging her synthesizer into the backyard and blasting everyone with what she wanted to play,for hrs.,loud, in between the fighting and screaming,not necessary as she had her own studio apt. to practice in,this not being the worst problem.He could still hear the screaming inside his house with all the windows closed and the A.C.pumping, let alone tying to use the backyard and pool.He had live in help for his father, and when they went to the park across the street, they could still hear the screaming, which upset the women in the park and they asked them to intervene.Lori actually sounded as if she was being attacked. During one episode,a Southern Bell worker climbed down from the pole he was working on and banged on the door of a residency on 35th St.and told them to call the police.All the neighbors had been calling the police as t h at's what they thought they should do. This was a big issu e .There were sales and the new owners were all pretty much stuck wit h the mess. T his neighbor definitely tried with the police.He finally called them to his home,wanted filed complaints and police reports, not the anonymous calling which did no good. Ofc Lai responded to him and as I said, trained here,worked here,and was in the neighborhood a lot. After about 1 1/2 years, the neighbors had given up.The S/Ws definitely had the police and there was no point in calling. And now the S/Ws were heavily targeting us,with police protection, and Ofc.Lai continued to train and work off of us with this awful policy instated.This new neighbor still tried to help us, as he was home a lot,directly witnessing the events,but it did no good. The policy was the policy. And when he sold that house yrs. later, the newer neighbor also called the police w hich still did no good. The policy was the policy. Sgt.C.Lai s h ould definitely have been more forthcoming to the new and training Of cs .and to th e new Chief as to the actuality if the circumstances.This was not a victimless situation.We definitely needed help. Note:Commander M.Oh was aware of the problems with the S/Ws as his brother's in-laws sold their house to this new neighbor.They had had a very bad time with the S/Ws with their general behavior and targeting them yrs.before,actually yrs.before we moved in and the S/Ws finally targeted us.He knew what was going on, throughout the whole thing, and he should have told the new and training Ofcs.instead of misguiding them.His brother is now a Sgt. He and Det.L.Hawkins got Ofcs.of the Year during one of the worst years we ever had over here with the S/Ws, for their work setting up C.O.P.S.(?)Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-9 4 3-4386

(#28) 3-25-08 Note:We never got any Victim status.We just got blamed. Another horrible,unnerving Catch 22.We couldn't stop it, got blamed for it,and had to put up with it So,we had to pay to try and stop it,still getting unnecesssary resistance.The people in charge knew better.
3-18-08 Toni, That same CD, the one that became an issue, is now up to hours, with Lori coming outside just to restart it and restart it. It is impossible to use the pool area or backyard. You just have to get up and leave. Did someone tell them/her that this was alright? -as they/she don't do anything without knowing they can get protection or backup before or after the fact. The mindset is still a problem. Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. Note: The above email was sent 3-18-08.
3-20-08 Note:Months ago, when we were tying to have company, the grandchildren, 9 and 11,were playing with large ping pong type paddles and a small golf type ball,a set, in the yard. One of the kids missed and the ball pretty much rolled into the weeds about 2 ft.into the S/Ws' side. The fence was not up.This was not a deliberate throw or a hard throw, just an innocent miss.The kids wanted to get the ball, and I told them absolutely not,do not get it, as there was just too much trouble with the S/Ws to even do that,and if it happened again, it would be just be annother lost ball, and to play somewhere else where that couldn't happen.There was no one in the S/Ws' backyard at that time and that same cd wasn't playing at that time.That was that. I thought it was over.3-19- 08.I was trying to sit in the backyard going in and out of the house through the garage.The patio furniture and grill are close to the back of the garage and there still is a 6 ft.shadowbox fence extending approx.5 yds.on a diagonal from the garage to the interior fence,enclosing them and that patio area.Mel Starr was home and I could hear him going in and out to his the backyard through his sliding glass door.That cd wasn't on, Lori wasn't home for the majority of the day. I went into the house to do something,and I heard loud, like -banging sounds on that patio area.I went out to look and couldn't figure out what is was.Later when I sat on the patio lounge chair I saw a small golf type ball on the ground.It had to have been thrown pretty hard to make all that noise ricocheting off the patio furnitur e and grill. I figured it was Mel as I didn't think it could have come in f rom 35Ct.or 35St. Mel has been a problem throwing t hings onto this property,hence,the injunction.This is not a biggie, nothing like the horrible past problems, but the mindset is stll there,which is scary,and there isn't much left they can think of to do,but, they will do it.3-20-08.I was just startled today to remember that this must have been the golf type ball the kids were playing with months ago with the ping pong type paddles. Somehow, the S/Ws would use that to justify throwing it back.Things are looking up. At least they didn't throw it over here,call the police and say they wanted a police report that the kids had assaulted them with the golf type ball first. Not too farfetched. In the past, they would have gotten that.This was probably retaliation for me complaining about that cd the day before.
It is important to keep a record of everything for further protection. The midset is still very bad and they are used to doing what they want and getting what they want no matter how ridiculous.And they want to harass us,and they are used to being able to do that.
Any children who were ever on this property had to listen to the horrific screaming, threatening banging, fighting, and redundant tapes etc.,for years, as that is the way it is in LHP, and I had really asked for help when we were tying to have children here.There wasn't any. See audio for some of the episodes, trying to have children on the property.
Section:6-28-02. Lori blasts the radio,"pingy"tape, and talks and chants simultaneously, the"hysterical fit,"an act she could start and stop instantaneously, for effect,which worked,and also to get her out of trouble for any previous aggressive or harassing behavior.John blames us.
Section: 6-29-02. Kids in the pool,recorder next to pool,2ft.,so kids are loud,audible. Lori's loud deliberate radio,approx.30 ft away.After 9-11, Lori blasted a lot of that particular type of music and made that throaty vocal sound.There is a six second repeat on this.Both dates-6 ft. shadowbox fence up between interior backyards.
These may be"old,"but the reasons for letting this happen aren't and the people responsible for letting it all happen for years are still in control still trying to cover it up.No wonder it cost so much trying to stop it. I don''t know how we made it, listening to it now,but we were a lot younger then and had no idea how bad or long it would get.It was reduced for while to the S/Ws running a loud mechanical boat by remote control in the deep end their pool when the kids were in the backyard,stopping it when they left.Those tape are not up yet. But, by the last holiday season, it was back up to loud redundant tapes when the kids were in the yard.Company was driven out of here yrs.ago.Who wants to be a guinea pig to see if the S/Ws would act up or if their police protection would come in for anything they said, as they sai d anyone who came over here was hassling them,even if they were elderly.The S/Ws were constantly trying to get police reports on anything and anybody who came over here,the point being to take them to other places to cause trouble.This is unbelievable when refering back to the earlier yrs. Only, it's true.And it can't be covered up or lied about or happen again. Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#29) 3-20-08 There's another family reunion coming up the first week and a half in April. Once again,this centers on a condo in another city,nice,intercoastal,dock,etc.but not big enough for everyone,the neighbors extending invitations to use their condos,hotels having already been used in lieu of this residency.Who wants to come here,put up with the S/Ws,or get involved with them and their protection,with no help, the city policy being the city policy.It's no secret that I have to e-mail the entire city just to try and have the two of us use the backyard and the pool,and that that still doesn't work.We are tired of going to restaurants when it's our turn to entertain.
Telling people to move doesn't work. The new residents just inheirted the whole thing for years.-Put up with the S/Ws,call the police,get no help.Put up with the S/Ws,call the police,get no help,etc.,etc.,
There developed a certain substandard attitude among certain neighbors to just" let Gail and Andy take care of it -pay for it" There wasn't too much they could do about it anyway, the city policy being the city policy,and we had to do something about it,getting the full brunt of it with the S/Ws entering and exiting on that common property line with their screamimg, fighting, fits,and then targeting us,but is is still an unpalpatable side effect.
We couldn't even lease out this residency.Who would pay to live next to this? And we couldn't not tell the truth about the situation,which we wouldn't do anyway in general, as it would be immmediately evident, probably on purpose for that exact effect,and we would not be able to collect leasing fees.We have to deal with the reality of this.The city still thought it could lie about it and not have to directly live with it.
Something has to be done about Commander M.Oh and Det. L.Hawkins,and all the time and expense the victims put into this, besides trying to pull another E. Bruce Johnson out of a hat.That was very diplomatic, fining the victims. I'm sure every resident of LHP wouldn't mind being treated like that,or being treated the way the whole thing was handled.
Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 NE. 28 Ave.954-943-4386
Note: This particular situation of it being O.K. in LHP. to scream, threaten, and smash the fence,for years,produced some horrific episodes,one of the worst being 2-01-04, when we were woken up by Lori screaming and beating on the fence during one of the loudest rainstorms we have ever had.Usually,when it was raining, thundering,or lightening,we'd get a reprieve,and she/they wouldn't come out,but for some reason that night,she/they did, and it was one of the worst. I am surprised the S/Ws didn't get a police report saying it was our fault for this too,or maybe, they did.We had stopped trying to get reports,checking on them,or picking them up.We couldn't get any help,they were too upsetting to read,and Atty.R. Yates would sooner or later be waving them around in front of us anyway.
Section 2-01-04 audio. 6ft.shadowbox fence up between interior backyards, we do not have direct visibility. Screaming," I am innocent",a techique to scream.The more overt hysterical "fits,"usually outside,are an act she can turn on and off, for effect,usually to get out of trouble for other aggressive behavior. Chilling,- I had complained to the police,on tape," Do you know what it's like having someone after you for years?"and she had screamed it, using it as her own.Typical family fights inside and outside their house.
Section:6-20- 04 audio. Sections:4-04,5-04,6-04,typical. audio. Lori was brazen enough to spend hrs.and days talking,taunting,,threatening me/us, along with tapes in the background,fence,singing at me/us, at fence,etc,and there was no way to stop this.Ths was deliberately to harass.It went in cycles from family fights,to screaming at us,to talking,reading,taunting, and singing at me/us,fence, but it was always something, just in cycles,as even they knew they could only do one specific thing for so long.Lori was even brazen enough to gloat with a tape on in the background on how I/we couldn't stop them. 6 ft shadowbox fence between the interior backyards,we did not have direct visibility. -We had, yrs.before, stopped using the porch door to the backyard,instead going in and out to the backyard./pool area throught thegarag e,as Lori would come out to bother us when that door opened,as she knew we would be in the backyard and I believe she might have been able to see the top of it opening from her studio apt.
Wasn't this the year,04, Det.L.Hawkins and Ofc./Sgt.C.Oh got Ofcs. of the year?or close to it?
These"in the past"episodes are relevant, the ramifications still felt today.

(#30) 3-31-08. The S/Ws's behavior produced many episodes,notably, the NewYear's Eves' episodes,with their horrific family fights, shrieking,screaming,banging, inside and outside their house,for hrs.,as a standard, further augmented after they targeted us,99,00,01,02 03,by Lori coming back and forth to the backyard fence, 6 ft. shadow box fence, we did not have direct visibility, to bang, scream,threaten, taunt, at whatever intervals she wanted while the family fights were going on,this now a standard part of the family fights,whenever they fought, part of it was to come out after us,whenever they weren't coming after us in general, whenever they wanted.
There was no way to stop this,as this behvior was sanctioned in LHP. If we complained,we got blamed by any type of flimsey excuse,and the S/Ws were always eager for any type of police interaction,so they could try and blame us and try and get police reports,saying it was our fault.One New Year's Eve's excuse was that Lori said fireworks made her scream,so if any were going off, she could scream Section:.8-25-01, 12-31-01. We did not do, this but people were using fireworks on this holiday.We were home early at the beginning years to protect the house.When John Wartras heard we were not happy about NY'sEs being ruined and it could be part of a civil suit,he yelled,backyard, loud, that they didn't ruin anything as we weren't doing anything anyway except staying home and taping them.They were very brazen,and invicib le
12-31-04.No noise, no family fights, no screaming, not at us at the fence, noticably nice,like a normal NY'sE. I thought maybe that was over.There was some screaming by Lori in the main house,then an ambulence entourage showed up.This was odd, as usually when an ambulence showed up, Lori would come out screaming or complainig on some level that all their problems and medical problems were our faul. She would also keep this up for hrs.and days,with Mark helping her, after the fact, screaming and threatening that she had told the Drs.,health care workers,etc.,that their medical problems were our fault,that we were bothering them, that they were suing us, and that they had the police reports to prove it. This was a very upsetting con tinual problem to have to hear this continually,in screams and in threats,bac kyard,frontyard,fence,and also we never knew exactually who she/they were saying this to.
But that didn't happen then.There was the usual commotion when this type of thing happens,Mark did come out into the frontyard and yell,nobody better not touch or move his f----- car, a few times,but they did not come after us after the ambulence entourage left,we didn't know what had happpened,and it was quiet.Two odd things, no screaming and harassing us on N.Y.'sE. and no harassing us about an ambulence visit.
However,1 -01-05. 2:45A.M, Lori woke me up screaming about the civil suit,and then, "You are responsible for my mother and her bad health!You are responsible and you will pay!" Then 4:A.M,she yelled in her driveway,"That b---- is responsible!" She kept this up the next day and for days,backyard, talking,taunting,threatening,in spurts,that her mother's illness was my/our fault,always saying "illness",and that she was suing me/us about it. See, 1-01-05
I had already been very upset about this pattern, not knowing who she/they were telling this to,always saying she/they had police reports as proof,and the police weren't exactly ever on our side or forthcoming about the truth.
We had a court ordered mediation,necessary part of civil suit process,coming up.
After the 8-22-04 fiasco,screaming, harassing, trepsassing, lying,police,etc., the S/Ws and their atty., civil suit still pending,well aware that their behavior, accetable in LHP,was not in the civil arena, the S/Ws went bck to fighting with each other and stayed off of us except in spurts, for mos.This change was noticiable. However their really horrific family fights were still just as intense,long, and very audible, house, frontyard, backyard. and really awful to have to listen to, but better than having them after us for hrs.Lori was still fighting with her mother, father, brother,and Mark who usually fought with his father and sister,was now home longer than them during the day with his mother.Sandra Starr was not an overt harasser against us,however,she would lie,badly, to cover for the others. These fights rea lly esculated to an alarming degree,with the ferocity,volume,and length comprabl e to the e arlier yrs.It was very unnerving to hear Mark yell,"Die, you f------wh---,die!"These fights with the mother continued long and loud when Mr. Starr was home.The whole thng ws very unsettling. I had a good amount of these on tape as they were still coming after us in spurts,for protection, and also because they were audible from the backyard, frontyard and from inside the house,the civil suit was still pending, and for yrs.,the S/Ws' excuse was that we made them do it, as if they had never done it before
With Lori complaining that I/we were responsible for her mother's "illness,"and she /they were going to sue us,.I brought these tapes to the Mediation hearing to give to both attys.,which I was doing all along anyway as part of the civil process, and these past few months hadn't been turned in yet,and also to show that if Lori /they tried to complain that I/we were responsible for the mother's" illness", there was plenty of evidence that the home environment was not exactly condusive to good health.I/we were floored to hear that the mother had expired on 01-01-05,as Lori hd been saying "illness."Dealing with death is absolutely overwhelming and all kinds of reactions are possible,but it is still unsettleing that Lori's first reaction,after something so monumental, was to come after us/me,probably because she was so used to doing it on an almost daily basis for anything she wanted as part of a regular routine for years.
The Mediation went as prevoiusly explained.
The S/Ws, now, inadvertingly, knowing about the tapes and the contents, stopped blaming me/us for that and stoped yelling at me/us about that. But, they did have long,loud family arguments about Lori wanting to go through the medical evidence and wanting to show that this was not her fault.
It is a lot of work keeping the S/Ws off of us.
This should have been stopped after the first 6 mos., maximum.
For some reason,the Starrs/Watrases got all the help they needed to keep this going..Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386

(#31) 4-07-08. I never did get an answer as to whether restarting that that same cd over and over outside,deliberately for harassment,was a code violation.
4-04-08. We tried to have company and we really needed to use the backyard,-pool, grill,adults, children,Andy's birthday, etc. With only 2 people sitting in the backyard, Fri.,4:15 P.M., Lori came out and restarted that same cd for two hrs.,just coming out to restart it,increasing the volume, not staying outside, as she/they won't stay outside with it that way either,that same cd she blasted over the holidays the last time we tried to have company, the same cd she blasted at us for mos., that particular cd having become an issue,and deliberate harassment mechanism.
No one wants any involvement with the S/Ws and their police,and it shouldn't be a requirement to have to put up with either just to try and sit in this yard,when it's just easier not to be here,and it's easier for us to just meet people at restaurants.Which is where everyone was at approx. 6 P.M. 4-05-08, seven skipping this residency.I drove some people back and forth to the restaurant and stayed here with the 3 kids, ages 15,10, & 8,they just returning,elsewhere all night and all day..No one was really in this backyard almost all day. At 6:30 P.M.the 3 kids went out to use the pool. Lori came out immediately and started some music, went inside for about 20 mins.,came out to stay,playing that cd for about 15 mins, as long as she could stand it, switched to regular music,increasi ng the volume, positioning her chair so she could stare directly at the kids. The kids were in the pool for about an hr. When they got o ut and came inside, Lori immediately turned off the music and went inside.
LHP certainly bred confidence into the S/Ws. It isn't the just the overt actions. It's the mindset .But the overt actions, minor compared to the horrible past,are still are annoying, especally the deliberate usage of that cd, enough to get you out of the backyard. Before,maybe a week ago,when Lori wasn't playing it, she was whistling it outside. Note: On 3-31-08, Lori did a 3 hr. marathon, just coming outside to restart a different tape. 4:15- 7P.M.She was outside approx. 15 mins.Last incidents:3-25-08-short,3-18-08-stated.The S/Ws never do anything without prior approval or without knowing they can get it after the fact.Years ago, when there was a planned music concert in the park, Lori waited until it started, then really blasted her music so we/neighbors got caug ht between two sound systems.This was when they were really invincible and horrible with lot of protection, this, I think before we sued them, for help.
I never got an answer to the question.It's been mons.since Iasked.Thankyou,GailPfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E. 28 Ave. 954-943-4386.

(#32)4-28-08.Toni Palmieri, Code Enforcemrent,I am requesting a copy of the Complaint made against the Starrs, Watrases 2830 N.E.35 Ct.,regarding throwing that 18 ft piece of fence into this yard,and the Order for Removal,a Violation of 01-0116299(04)Carney,no time limitations,the City aware of this Document at the time of the incident.I'm sure Code Enfor.'s record keeing of this incident is just as diligent as the record keeping for the lawn mowing,tree removal,and fence Complaints made against us and the Code Enfor.'s Actions aganst us.Thank you, Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. 954-943-4386
Note:To be moved,out of sequence.The S/Ws have always had salaried police defendng and excusing them,making it unfair,expensive,and impossible to stop them.I stated,in 2000,the extent of the harassment was directly related to police and city policy.Expense is a tactic embraced by Atty.R.Yates.Keeping someone in deposition for hrs.not going to issue is expensive,as you have to pay for the depo.,required, if you walk out. Atty.Yates really couldn't go to issue. After 3 hrs.of a pointless Andy's depo.,we finally walked out,our the time,not the second one,telling us afterwards we had to immediately pay over $50 0.00 for the depo to present to the judge for the rea sons for walking out.We paid.Atty.Yates later said he wanted more depo.time.That didn't happen.Atty.Yates is very obvious.Lori screamed at me before and after my first depo.,she was doing that anyway,fence,front backyards,with police protection.The first depo.,mine was short and not too expensive to walk out on.I really didn't exect that,having to walk out. Atty.Yates was way out of line,and there was a hearing before the judge over it.Before my second depo.,Lori screamed,backyard,that she was going to sit there and eat popcorn and laugh while her atty.sliced and diced me up.When I comlained in depo.,that Lori had screamed this, Lori immmediately went out to the vending machine to get popcorn as she had come in with potato chips instead.That whole civil fiasco could have been avoided if this situation h ad been taken care in the first six months instead of having to do all that while we were putting up with being harassed and stalked on a daily basis.City policy is city policy.
Note:to be moved. out of sequence.There are many other incidents.The S/Ws were very brazen about their ability to scream at and harass,with police protection,us and anyone who came over here and to call the police on us or anyone who came over here for any reason.One Father's Day afternoon,add year,Lori and Mark deliberately really blasted their radio too close to the house,heard throughout this house.When I went into the backyard, I was home alone,the 6 ft shadowbox fence up,I/we did not have direct visibility,the S/Ws had done something so they could see over the fence,so we had no privacy anyway,immediately Mark yelled he was going to a phone booth to make an anonymous police call and Lori yelled she was calling 911,as it was harassing them.I did get part of that on tape,not up.M ark and Lori talked loudly a lot in the backyard about how and when they would call the police with Mark's phone booth calling brought up.They didn't want anyone in this backyard or anyone anywhere on the property.Anybdy who came over here for any reason was targeted and harassed..
The S/Ws considered us and anyone anywhere on this property,even doing repairs,as harassing them,just for being here.They were constant instigators, had recording and video equiment, and were always trying to start a two party argument..We had to tell everyone who came over here,even if they had their children, not say or do anything back, no matter how bad the harassment got, and, it got bad,as this was what theS/Ws wanted, so they could have some sort of a two party thing.This pretty much closed down this house for company as the harassment and overall situation was too much.
When the S/Ws finally realized they could be sued in spiteof their LHP protection, Mr. Starr was loudly complaining,their arguments are loud,that they didn't even have one tape to use against us even though they had all the equipment, recorders,video cameras,etc.since the beginnng.
That was probably the reason for the 8-22-04 fiasco when Mr.Starr trepassed and harassed with a recorder trying to get Andy to respond, with Lori and Mark harassing and trespassing right next to him,tying to get Andy to respond probably to try to get something they could try to use against him,with John with the video camera who was standing away from them.
This was too loud and too close to the front driveway garage. Sgt.J.Vaccaro came over with a training cop to train him according to the standard city policy which meant we got no help and the S/Ws got away with another awful incident.
Note: To be moved.Out of sequence.From the very beginning,I did complain to Det.Larry Hawkins about the situation with children on this property and the problems with the S/Ws along with the fence banging,screaming threats,targeted harassment,their family fights,etc.This was a stated complaint that they were doing all this with children here.When I went to the police station to talk to Det.Hawkins,he walked away telling the person at the gate to say he wasn't there,even though he was visible walking away.I did call him about the children situation,and I specificially called ahead of time about a visiting grandchild.He only returned calls he wanted to.The children situation was ignored and the S/Ws continued.
The S/Ws were always harassing,trying to get someone here into an argumemt probably to be able to say it was a two party argument,and we had to tell anyone here not to react or say anything back,this already discussed,which was really hard when they were doing these things with children here,probably an objective along with the general behavior.This aggressive,atrocious behavior,screaming death threats,yelling graphic desciptions of violent acts,banging on the fence,targeted harassment,blasting tapes,bad loud family fights,etc were audible to anyone any age on this property.And again, the situation of them doing this in front of and to the children was ignored and the S/Ws continued.The police used every kind of technicality,no matter how ridiculous, to protect the S/Ws,thi s venue of technicalities becoming standard technique.Please be reminded, taxpayers paid for the services and protection provided for the S/Ws,this not paid for by the people providing the services and protection Those people have been on salaries since the beginning.and still are,paid for by taxpayers. .
Note:out of sequence,to be moved.During the citrus situation in Fl.,the S/Ws called to have this property inspected.Mr.Starr and Lori brought the Inspector out to the interior backyard fence,then still up,and loudly complaind that they were worried about it spreading and contamination to their property.We didn't have any citrus and never did.The Inspector told Mr.Starr and Lori there wasn't any.Just another incidendent of them using anything to bother us.
Note:out of be moved.-during the most horrific time with the S/Ws screaming, trespassing,harassing,all of them,banging,Lori at the interior fence for hrs.,Lori spraying our backyard over the fence.etc,no help for us.We had two palm trees that needed watering right along the interior backyard fence,6 ft.shadowbox fence,we did not have direct visibility.There were also a lot of bushes and vines on our side blocking visibility,and I had then put up visquine to block the spaces,soI didn't have to look at them when they were up to the fence screaming,threatening,etc.I waited until Lori drove away to water,as,if she saw me,she would come out screaming and harassing,and they did have ways to see over the fence into this yard which they were very vocal about.I started to water,no nozzle,holding the hose from the other side of the pool upwards so the wa ter would come down vertically on to the leaves.I heard Mark yell and that really startled me as I didn't even know if he was out in the their backyard.Shorty,a patrol car showed up.Lori and Mark had gone down to the police station to say I had assaulted Mark with a hose that being the statement by the Ofc.,investgating,an assualt with a hose.The Ofc.went into the backyard,and immediately on his own,almost talking to himself,said there was no way I could see through the fence.The S/Ws were listening, and when he tried to go back to his car, Lori,Mark,John,and Mel,who had just come home,went up to him in the road to say they didn't know I was just watering the tree.(?) Once again, the Mark and Lori had gotten a patrol car over to this house.I was worried about a police report as the civil suit was still pending,and we didn't need another nuisance complaint and police report that Atty.Yates could wave in our faces and Lori could scream she had.The S/Ws might have backed down on this one because they knew Loi was spraying our entire backyard onto the house windows,at times with us in it,talking and yelling about it when she did it.This was another very upsetting incident and I did call the station to complain.see website section8-03-03.7-11-04.TheS/Ws resumed their standard awful behavior,we got no help from it,of course,and Lori and Mark just got another patrol car.

(Additions to#33) most recent first.6-15-08.Lori outside with regular music,not redudant made cds,but blasts it way too loud when we try to use backyard pool area,audible inside our house and sitting room porch area.We had to get out of the backyard.Deliberate.Mindset.Slippery slope.6:30P.M.
6-13-08.Lori outside with regular music,too loud but regular3:15-6P.M.when she sees me outside trying to use pool area,4:15,she flashes mirror at this house,she sits in chair facing this house flashing mirror and floats in pool flashing mirrorover 1hr..Unsettling mindset.
6-09-08Lori stays outside with regular music,too loud,but not blasting.6P.M-7P.M..
5-27-08.Mr.Starr,Lori,John.That cd,which became a big issue blasted for hrs.,for months,deliberately,is back on outside,different volumes,no one outside with it.Mindset and protection.
5-26-08.Mem.Day.Mr Starr,Lori home.We are seen trying to sit in backyard,pool area.Lori come outside,puts on loud marching music,stays out 5mins.,goes inside.1/2 hr.,both come out and keep on normal music while they are outside.
5-25-08.3:45PM-6:30P.M.Lori comes out,turns on cd,too loud,goes inside,1/2 hr.comes out,stays out,plays regular music because she is outside.
.5-24-08.Sat.Holiday weekend.More deliberate,calculated harassment.Mr.Starr and Lori home11:45AM-1:45P.M. Lori comes outside turns on cd player,too loud stays outside 5mins.and goes inside.I was seen by the pool the very first time I went out, and she came out.Approx.1/2 hr. Lori comes out to restart cd,goes right back inside.12:15P.M.John home,now louder,audible in our backyard and sitting room porch.S/Ws not outsideLori comes out to restart stays out for 5 mins.,goes inside.typical pattern. Lori stays outside for1/2 end.
Lori's objective is to "work" the cd player as harassment and she will do it for hrs.Mindset.Calculated.This is something they can get away with and they have to continually do something
This complaint that the S/Ws are deliberately leaving on and restarting made repetative redundant cds outside when they are not outside with them for hrs.,deliberately to harass has been explained, as, in LHP,this situation is not goverened by content,but by volume.The S/Ws are now smart enough to keep switching the volume levels,which is ridiculous anyway because for yrs.when the S/Ws were really blasting everyone,they got by on technicalities.Det.L..Hawkins said he had to put a machine in our yard to gauge the volume.(?)
This is just another excuse to excuse the SWs with another technicality, instead of looking at it as a continual pattern of deliberate calculated harassment.Once again, the City has chosen technicality as technique to protect the S/Ws and instructed others to follow it.
5-21-08 5:15 P.M-7:15 P.M..Lori puts on poorly made,annoying,staticy redundant cd and goes inside,Mr.Starr home.I was seen in backyard,I went insideWho is advising them?When Lori comes outside to stay, she puts on regular music.mindset. Calculated.5-18-085P.M-7P.M. left deliberately on outside,Lori comes out to restart it,stays out approx.5mins.each time.5-12-08 3:30P.M..I am home alone.I try to go to pool,Lori sees me, puts on that awful cd,the one at issue, loud.she keep restarting it for the same parts.It may now be mixed with other music on a cd,so she can get to it easier.This is definitely deliberate.4:45 P.M. I' m outside, pool area ,and I need to use the grill.Lori starts an d really blasts that cd and goes inside.I get out of backyard, again This is audible in this house and sitting porch.This is definitely calculated and deliberate.Who is advising her/them? 4:45P.M.-6:30PM..that cd, the one at issue,is blasted, no one is outside with it.tThis is loud and audble in this house and sitting porch..6:30 P.M.Lori comes outside,restarts that cd and stays outside playing t hat cd only 15 mins when she is outside.She switch es to other music,1/5 the volume.
.5-11-08.I am home alone trying to finish grilling and sitting near grill.Lori comes out,plays normal music,normal volume,sees me outside,switches to that awful cd,increases volume,loud. I get out of audible in house and porch room,Lori, this time,stays outside with most of it,turns it off and goes inside.
5-10-8.Is there an answer to the blasting repetitive cd and redundant made cd situation at all?Who is advising and protecting the S/Ws?5-10-08.We try to have company for the first time in one mon,.with children,try to use the backyard and pool.Mr. Starr and Lori home.Lori comes out. 2:30 P.M and blasts that awful cd,the one that became an issue,blasted over and over for hrs,.for months,deliberately for harassment.She comes out to restart it.This is in no way tolerable,especially for children who have already heard too much of this and the whole thing in general.We had to get out of the pool and backyard,as,again,this is,in no way,tolerable,now,even 20 too much.We can still hear this,too loud,in the inside porch sitting room.After one hour,Mr.Starr and
Lori come out to do something with the pool pump in between the garages,maybe for 10 mins.,making as much noise as they could,Lori,for the first time standing as close as she could to the new interior fence,but 5 yards south of the pool pump,so she was right up to the pool area where everyone was.Unsettling.This is where she would stand, bang, threaten,and scream for hrs.,but now she's visible.Mr.Starr goes inside,Lori in and out,out approx.15mins.,same cd still blasting,restarted by Lori. 2:30P.M..-4:30P.M. 4:30P.M.homemade repetitive chorus cd, "Love,Am.Style"put on.We leave,errands.Who is advising them?This is obvious,deliberate,calculated harassment,their mindset still obvious Is their excuse for blasting that cd at the company and blasting this in general,that they were outside 10 mins.doing something with the pool pump,so they were outside too?
5-5-08.Who is advising the S/Ws on this blasting,repetitive,redundantcd,tapesituation,deliberately for harassment?5-05-08 3:15P.M-4PM.That awful redundant cd, the one that became the big issue, as it was played for hrs.,and hrs.,over and over for months, throughout the holidays blasted loudly, is back between really loud regular music,Lori in and out.Then,5:45.PM that awful cd back on.The mindset is stll obviousWho is advising them on the current,deliberate,repetitive tapes,with no one outside,for hrs.for mos.,an old tactic,just not as loud a their more invincible yrs.?.
5-04-08 Lori and John Watras,12 noon-3P.M new,made,redundant,instrumental cd,over and over,Lori comes outside to restart,John outside 5 mins.,Lori outside approx.1/3 of time.3P.M.,John leaves,I try to get near pool, I had been staying by grill area near garage,Lori immediately comes out and blasts redundant cd, positions chair to stare at pool area with loudness,lasts15mins.Lori in and out,too loud.Lori comes outside,puts on that "pingy" tape which hasn't been used for years. 6-28-02,6-7-02.I finally put recorder outside,not a good option as it is work to put on website Lori stops and goes inside.12 Noon-4:30 P.M. This was definitely for deliberate harassment.Who is advising them? This old tactic,not as loud as when they were really invincible,has gone on for hrs. fo r months.
Addition. 4-28-08.More of the same,to be added,Lori outside more with it,made cd,theme"Love, American Style"over and over when Lori sees me trying to use grill,I had to get out of the backyard.Who is advising them?audilble also in house and porch sitting room.5:30P.M.-7:15P.M.They know what they are doing, the mindset still obvious.
4-27-04.More of the same,to be added,Mr.Starr and Lori home,Lori outside more,longer and louder,peak pool hrs.,audible in backyard and in house
4-24-08. 5:45P.M.-7:15P.M.Mr Starr,Lori home,same awful redundant cd blasted at us for hrs.,for mons.Lori stays out for some of it,positions chair to face our pool area,holds upand flashes mirror thing,noticable by odd flashes of light coming at east side of house,sun in west.
4-22-08.4:45P.M-5:30P.M.approx. Same problem, homemade cd,redundant chorus to"Love,American Style",same approx.30 secs.over and over and over,approx. 45 mins.Lori saw me try to sit in the backyard and came right out ot turn it on and restart it,10 mins.of a different song interjected,she stayed out for.She hadn't been out all day.she tried to stay out with it,but went in and out of both houses a lot,closing both doors,audible.I had to get out of the backyard,again,or hear it. It stopped because she drove away. The problem is not the worst or the loudest,but the obvious mindset is still formidible and undaunting, and they did have over 5 yrs. of protection to reinforce it.
(#33) 4-12-08 Sat. Mr. Starr, John Watras,and Lori Watras are now leaving their cd player on,too loud,in their backyard for hrs,3-4,while all three of them stay in their houses.This,during peak pool hours.It seems unlikely that all three of them could just"forget" that it's on for 3-4 hrs.,especially with Lori remembering to come out to restart it,and it is unaviodably too loud. Is this a code violation?
More worrisome,and more directed as a problem, they have another homemade cd with the same chorus on over and over.This was on for 45 mins until Mr. Starr wanted to sit in the backyard,and then it went off,as he didn't want to listen to it and he didn't have to.
This is a technique they perfected yrs.ago with the redundant bongo tapes,"pingy" tapes,same chorus tapes,etc. for deliberate harassment,only then, it was 5 times louder,when they had lot of protection.Then, Lori actually drove away and left her radio on,this,during her blasting the radio on static, period.They do have 2 separate dwellings where they could have 2 sound systems inside for them if they really wanted to hear this,as they are inside anyway,but,they don't want to hear it either.Lori does come out in spurts to sit with it or exercise to it, but this does not cover all that time when it is deliberately left on for harassment purposes. When she wanted to blast that now well known cd,she would sometimes stay outside with it for a few minutes and then go inside and leave it on,as if that would cover her for"being outside with it ."
They know what they are doing with these made redundant cds and their mindset is still obvious and a problem At least it isn't that same redundant awful cd we just got blasted with for hrs. in the last months.But,as said,the mindset is still obvious and a problem,and must be noted.
Is blasting the same redundant cds or made redundant cds, deliberately for harassment,a code violation?
Please be reminded, in the past,Lori also played,for hrs.,made cds of her taunting,threatening,talking,and harassing us/me,to music,with all or some of the rest of them home,so she could just play them and not have to come outside to do it herself. This, as technique.See website.
Note: Another really big problem was that if any neighbors tried to play any music in their yards, Lori would come out and really blast hers louder than theirs,whether they had company,kids,pool party,or not, that along with having to listen to the screaming and family fights.There was no stopping or competing with this Lori would then just really blast hers louder and then keep it on longer.Two of the newer neighbors tried to compete and then just had to give up.The S/Ws really were invincible. When the newest neighbor tried to work in his backyard,Lori would do her standing behind the fence harassing thing at the southern most part of the fence so he would have to hear her.He had called the police,giving his name and address,not anonymous,during one really loud,screaming,bad family fight in the backyard and house,as he didn't want to listen to it wit h company at his house including a child.We did not know he made that police cal l until he told me days afterwards.We were not involved with that.So, for awhile,Lori screamed in the front of their house where nobody would call the police anymore.Then,they started up again in the backyard.The previous owner, who also called the police and couldn't stop the problem, thought this new owner could handle the situation as he worked for the F.B.I.,but he couldn't, and he just stopped trying,and he was gone a lot anyway.The most important people were always the S/Ws and their protection.
It's important to keep the facts known instead of the misinformation and cover-ups, as the mindset of the S/Ws is still formidable and obvious,and expensive and time consuming to counteract,and most be noted for further protection, as we got the full brunt of their direct, targeted, and deliberate harassment See website.
Trying to minimalize and whitewash this situation,while placating the S/Ws, is not fair or logical toward the victims who extended so much time and money trying to stop it,while putting up with it. Thank you,Gail Pfistner/Dullenkopf residence 3540 N.E.28 Ave. 954-943-4386
This information will eventually be presented in a more cohesive manner.Right now,it's a matter of noting it for a more eaily accessible format for further protection and to stop the lying and misinformation.CLICK 'OLDER POST' LOWER RIGHT TO PROCEED TO NEWER POSTS.