Saturday, January 17, 2009


Introduction.E mails had to be sent over 11 months to finally over two dozen people in the city,including the mayor,city admin.,commissioners,city clerk,code enfor.,law enfor.,etc.,at least twice a week,with an already instated Injunction, to try and stop this situation,which suddenly stopped with no explanation given from anyone.Let's hope it is really finally over.
When the website, was put up, there was just too much information to be put up all at once.So,with each current situation, past situations were added, to finally get the big job done in parts.Thus,information necessary for the website is integrated in the emails.This needs to be reorganized,edited and more information added, so it remains as a link to the website until it is finished.The website will always have to be up for referral,protection, and prevention.Click end, bottom right, 'older posts' to proceed as it continues to the most recent,in somewhat chronological order from Jan.2008.This format is being used for referral,not as a vehicle for commentary.Thank you.
2-09.There is still an unnerving mindset.This blogspot is also for quicker referral and for further protection if there are any more incidents here or elsewhere.Continually emailing and mailing legal documents for assistance is/was a lot of work.
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 Lori Watras, Lori Starr, John Watras, Mel Starr are The S/Ws   The Starr/Watras s(plural)
Audio Website 6-14-04 Is typical but by far,not the worst.
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 All final editing done on the Blog.If it weren't for the wide audience emailing started in the beginning of the ninth year of all this, the only thing that worked,works.....................The situation remains unresolved.Please be reminded, trying to lie about, vilify,blame,or slander this residency to try to cover up the mess law enforcement and the City made out of this, won't be tolerated and won't work.This residency had and will have will its own history and will not be permanently  and negatively defined by the S/Ws cop years by people trying to clear themselves. LHP will be defined this way. is not up yet.It is in
Note:This is just the first 5 and a half years of tapes as they were submitted for Court.Audio Files - | Neighbor note: The MP3 audio files below contain obscene and disturbing content. If this type of ... police.lori backyard,fence,bangs fence,yells,lies; typical family fight Note:This is just the first 5and1/2 years of tapes as were submitted for Court.Note:This is just the first 5 and a half years of tapes as they were submitted for Court.